The Allegro Story

Our History & Mission

Innovators in commodity management software for more than 30 years.

Allegro was founded in 1984, and the company’s overarching goal remains the same now as it was then: To ensure commodity professionals have the ability to understand their physical and financial positions, optimize their portfolios, manage their risk and drive additional profits.

Backed by more than 30 years of expertise, Allegro’s software provides the global intelligence that commodity companies need for their complex businesses. Today, Allegro provides commodity trading and risk management software to a range of customers around the world, including power and gas utilities, oil and gas producers, marketers and traders of power, gas, crude oil, refined products and agricultural products, and refiners and large consumers of energy commodities.

The history of Allegro has been marked by numerous highlights and successes. Shortly after we started operating, Allegro began to enhance what was primarily an accounting solution with marketing and trading functionality. Over the next few years, Allegro introduced gas management and crude oil trading, along with ever-growing capabilities for refined products, natural gas liquids, risk management, coal and power.

As the mid-2000s arrived, Allegro migrated to a full .NET architecture, keeping with our history of innovation. The change was a key development, as it provided customers with the flexibility and openness that’s associated with modern software platforms. In 2008, Allegro launched Allegro 8, which introduced the component-based architecture that would enable our customers to purchase and implement modules aligned with the needs of their unique businesses.

In 2015, Allegro acquired JustCommodity, a Singapore-based developer of the agriculture-commodity software platform CxC, further enhancing our capabilities and expanding our presence around the globe. The following year, Allegro officially launched the newest version of our software, Allegro Horizon, which represents a new level of technological excellence. Of particular note is the fact that Horizon has the option to be run via Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

Allegro’s software is built with the knowledge that our customers have several critical areas on which they need to focus: Commodity trading, risk management, physical logistics, regulatory compliance and accounting. Our mission is to assist the top companies worldwide as they work to improve their results by maximizing the value of their commodities, from the ground to the point of consumption. We believe that our customers benefit from the Allegro Experience – our product innovation, customer experience, partner ecosystem, domain expertise and alignment with the business of our users.

Headquartered in Dallas, Allegro has offices in Houston, London, Zurich, Singapore, Calgary, Dubai and Jakarta, along with a global network of partners.

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