The Allegro Experience

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Innovating in commodity management software for more than three decades.

Allegro’s software is built with the knowledge that our customers have a number of critical areas on which they need to focus: Commodity trading, risk management, physical logistics, regulatory compliance and accounting.

For more than three decades, Allegro has been a leading commodity management software developer, and today we serve power and gas utilities, oil and gas producers, crude oil refiners, chemical manufacturers and many other global customers. We ensure companies have the market insight and business intelligence required for overseeing complex physical and financial portfolios, managing risk and optimizing their opportunities for profit and growth.

ADC Experience

Our mission is to assist the top companies worldwide as they work to improve their results by maximizing the value of their commodities, from the ground to the point of consumption. We believe that our customers benefit from what we call the Allegro Experience:

  • Product Innovation: We stand for continuous development of our software’s foundations and features
  • Customer Experience: Our advocacy for customer needs and best practices never ends
  • Partner Ecosystem: A large group of specialists, generalists and development partners work alongside the Allegro team
  • Domain Expertise: We’re proud to have a deep bench of experts in each domain and business process
  • Business Alignment: Allegro’s software is built for your business, meaning we deliver value without requiring unwieldy customization


In 1984, when Allegro was founded, it was at the forefront of energy trading and risk management software. As technology and customer demands have changed over the years, Allegro has evolved. Today, for instance, we proudly support a fully cloud-enabled commodity trading and risk management solution with Allegro Horizon.

Leaders respond and adapt to shifts in the current landscape, while thinking about what may be next. With the Allegro Experience, users will be ready for today and tomorrow.

Headquartered in Dallas, Allegro has offices in Houston, London, Zurich, Singapore, Calgary, Dubai and Jakarta, along with a global network of partners.

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