The Allegro Advantage

The Comprehensive CTRM Solution

Built for position visibility, risk management, controls and regulatory compliance.

Allegro takes great pride in offering innovative, forward-compatible commodity management software for companies who buy, sell, produce or consume commodities. At the core of our company is product innovation, customer experience, a deep partner ecosystem, domain expertise and support for business alignment — Allegro, in other words, is built for your business.

Allegro Advantage

We’ve been serving our users in the commodity universe for more than 30 years. Our commodity trading software is an integrated, real-time product that’s made, ahead of all else, with our customers’ requirements in mind.

We provide a powerful and easy-to-use platform from which you can increase your business efficiency and profitability, and this is accomplished by ensuring you have the tools you need for position visibility, risk management, controls and regulatory compliance.

Position Visibility

Every key role within your business can see what they need to see and take action when necessary by relying on Allegro’s CTRM software. We describe it as a single source of truth. What it means for you is better management, the capacity to handle exposures and the ability to optimize value. Learn more about Position Visibility.

Risk Management

With Allegro, you can maximize profits while minimizing your exposure. A crucial part of our CTRM software is providing comprehensive information on both the financial and physical state of your portfolios, covering commodities, financial instruments and currencies. Keep reading about Risk Management.


Allegro’s single platform can improve your internal controls and audit functions. Accounting and compliance professionals can manage their business with a unified platform, meaning whether you need to keep track of contract negotiations, trade confirmations or regulations, our CTRM software will enable you to do it. Read more about Controls.

Regulatory Compliance

With Allegro, you’ll feel confident in your compliance efforts and reduce the potential for errors, all while streamlining reporting, confirmation and reconciliation. Plus, not only will you meet the compliance requirements of today, you’ll be ready for tomorrow, too. Continue learning about Regulatory Compliance.

About Allegro

Allegro, based in Dallas, is a leading provider of commodity management software for power and gas utilities; oil and gas producers, marketers and traders of power, gas, crude oil, refined products and agricultural products; refiners and large consumers of energy commodities. Allegro, founded in 1984, has offices in Houston, London, Zurich, Singapore, Calgary, Dubai and Jakarta, along with a global network of partners.

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