After a Record 12-Week Implementation, Kwik Trip Goes Live on Allegro’s CTRM

DALLAS, TX, Oct. 24, 2017 – Allegro Development, Corp., a global leader in commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software, and MRE Consulting, Ltd. (MRE), a market leading systems integrator, announced today that after an aggressive 12-week implementation, Kwik Trip has gone live on Allegro’s Horizon software to manage its refined products marketing, trading and distribution services.

Recently, Kwik Trip enlisted MRE to evaluate its business processes and help create a strategic systems plan. After completing a system selection that included multiple industry leading CTRM solutions, Kwik Trip chose to implement Allegro’s cloud enabled, flexible and advanced automated system, which would best complement Kwik Trip’s business model and growth strategy. Additionally, Allegro’s solution meets Kwik Trip’s need for an advanced CTRM platform and product roadmap dedicated to refined products and fuel distribution.

Kwik Trip chose MRE to lead the implementation, which was executed by a team of Allegro and MRE consultants with full support and guidance from the Kwik Trip fuels group. The implementation was completed on budget and in a record 12 weeks. Now that Allegro’s solution is deployed, Kwik Trip is equipped to further improve its refined products management from source to delivery through PNL positioning, auditing and accounting.

Frank Brienzi, CEO, Allegro Development, Corp.
“The joint effort from MRE, Kwik Trip and Allegro to implement our software in a twelve-week sprint is an incredible achievement. We look forward to continuing our relationship with these two organizations as we work to further enhance Kwik Trip’s commodity trading and risk management processes.”

Ken Piddington, CIO, MRE Consulting, Ltd.
“Kwik Trip’s selection of Allegro’s solution was key to establishing a solid platform for its fuels business. During the implementation, all parties worked together to successfully meet the aggressive phase one timeline. We are excited to continue to work with Allegro to provide the right technology solutions to help Kwik Trip achieve its strategic objectives.” 

Joel Hirschboeck, General Manager of Fuel Marketing & Procurement, Kwik Trip, Inc.
“We are pleased that the Allegro and MRE Consulting implementation team has made the transition to a new CTRM extremely efficient. The Kwik Trip Team was aggressive and endlessly diligent in their efforts to ensure a successful Go Live prior to our fiscal start.  Utilizing Allegro’s software to drill down into transaction lifecycles, accounting details, settlements and end of day processing will provide Kwik Trip with a competitive advantage by enhancing our decision-making capabilities.”

About Kwik Trip, Inc.
Founded in 1965, Kwik Trip, Inc. is a privately held company that has more than 500 locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa under its various names. Kwik Trip provides fuels, food and dairy products to its convenience stores, owns and operates a third party trucking system and has a corporate distribution center in Lacrosse, Wisconsin for enterprise distribution and storage. To learn more about Kwik Trip, visit their website at

About MRE Consulting, Ltd.
Headquartered in Houston, TX, MRE Consulting, Ltd. is a thriving and dynamic professional services firm that provides highly trained and experienced engineers and management professionals to help customers achieve their goals and more. MRE Consulting Ltd. delivers business solutions, service and staffing to a range of industries. MRE’s core capabilities include infrastructure technology management and commodities trading and risk management. For more than 20 years, MRE Consulting, Ltd. has been creating concrete and measurable custom solutions for business and IT executives. For more information, visit MRE Consulting’s website at

About Allegro Development, Corp.
Allegro is the gold standard in commodity management software for companies who buy, sell, produce or consume commodities. For over 30 years, Allegro has delivered position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls and regulatory compliance through a forward compatible, next-generation architecture that is built for your business. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Allegro has offices in Calgary, Dubai, Houston, Jakarta, London, Singapore and Zurich, along with a global network of partners. Visit Allegro’s website at

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