News Article: Commodity trading and risk management software house of the year

EnergyRisk Awards 2019 names ION Allegro the Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software House of the Year.

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Australia’s LNG Imports Lead to Storage Questions

October 16, 2019
As Australia contends with a growing mismatch between demand and supply of LNG despite being the world’s largest LNG exporter, ION Commodities’ Mark Davis examines the opportunities and issues this brings for storage operators.
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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Benefit Crude Oil Marketers

September 25, 2019
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to usher in a new era of commodity management for organizations that are willing to innovate. FEA's Josh Gray shares how crude oil marketers can benefit from the new technologies.
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The New Petrochemical Market: Adapting to Demand

September 6, 2019
Allegro's Richard Murphy discusses how petrochemical global market demand is rapidly increasing due to the need for everyday products, such as plastics and petrochemical derived fibers.
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News Article: Commodity trading and risk management software house of the year

July 15, 2019
EnergyRisk Awards 2019 names ION Allegro the Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software House of the Year.
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Meeting Extreme Volatility Head On

June 12, 2019
As global weather patterns continue to shift, the instance of extreme weather events across the globe seems to be growing each year. Allegro's Michael W. Hinton, Chief Strategy and Customer Officer, discusses how technology and advanced analytics can help companies mitigate the inherent risks in the oil and gas industry.
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IMO 2020: Preparing for Changing Demand and Slimmer Margins

May 24, 2019
IMO 2020 is set to radically change the ecosystem of the world’s refined products with dramatic effects for both marine fuel suppliers and consumers. Allegro's Michael Hinton shares how the planned bunker fuel regulation will create unprecedented shifts in supply and demand and logistical challenges that will upend the oil and gas value chain's status quo.
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The U.S. is on the Verge of a Second Era of Energy Dominance

May 16, 2019
Since lifting its 40-year-old ban on exporting crude oil, the U.S. has opened hungry world markets to U.S. shale oil and created a new boom. Allegro's Richard Murphy, Product Manager for Petroleum, shares how U.S. energy businesses must be prepared to mitigate risk — both on domestic and global scales during this time of change. Logo

Compliance, Complexity, and Culpability

April 25, 2019
Metals and mining players continue to lag behind in the adoption of tools that could help them be more proactive, productive, and profitable. Allegro's Brian Collins, Managing Director, Metals, discusses how the industry should equip themselves to handle change and risk.
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Are Energy Companies Prepared For A Demand Driven Petrochemical Market?

April 25, 2019
A paradigm shift is underway in the global energy economy, and while most focus on LNG and crude oil, petrochemical markets are also seeing major changes — especially in the supply and demand equation.
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LNG Market Growth Is Fueling Business Changes

December 6, 2018
The LNG market is experiencing the same old song and dance that other commodity industries have experienced in decades past as shifts in the supply and demand of natural gas and LNG dynamically change the way businesses operate. Allegro's Chief Strategy and Customer Officer Michael Hinton shares how today's LNG market is driving changes in the traditional buyer-seller relationship as well as the way market participants conduct business.

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