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How to Prepare for Volatility 
in the Chemicals Sector

With considerable uncertainty all around the globe, chemical manufacturers must be prepared for swings in their feedstock costs. A CTRM system could be the way.

Allegro is going to be at the Global Power Markets Conference in Las Vegas, April 24-26. 

To help you decide why to visit us, we have put together 13 Reasons to Stop by Booth #13:

1. Hear why we're the gold standard in CTRM

2. See how we're aligned with your business

3. Compare us to your current system with a short demo

4. Learn about our global reach

5. Get to know our power solutions expert Dawson Cooper

6. Learn the difference our three decades of experience make

7. Find out what we've done for other industry leaders

8. Ask about our agile deployment approach

9. Talk to us about our customer focus

10. Understand the depth and breadth of our partner ecosystem

11. Inquire about our software's unmatched extensibility

12. Pick up informative material about our domain expertise

13. … And if you schedule a meeting, you'll get a free gift card!

Build vs. Buy


Auditor Approved (both internal and external)

Financial Engineering Combined with Industry Knowledge

PhD Level Analytical Support from Industry Professionals

Pricing – Valuation – Decision Support – Asset Optimization

Founded in 1990, FEA’s solutions provide customers with global commodity trading financial analytics that lead to better portfolio pricing, valuation, decision support, risk management, and physical asset optimization.

FEA’s products cover thousands of different instruments and assets, giving customers the ability to model the breadth of their enterprise portfolios. In addition to a full suite of comprehensive analytic tools, FEA boasts world class analytical support provided by seasoned PhD industry professionals.

Financial Engineering Associates (FEA) is a world leader in risk analytics software for traders, risk managers and quantitative analysts in commodity industries.

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