Allegro for Rubber

Commodity trading software for risk management, control and compliance reporting.

The rubber industry has weathered a sustained down market for the past several years. This fact, coupled with decreased demand from China, has challenged the industry to build stability and, ideally, expand their businesses.

As a result of the difficult market, rubber firms need advanced technology to better manage supply and demand, operations and risk exposures, including price, currency, counterparty and credit risk. Allegro's commodity trading risk management software is that technology.

Allegro, a commodity management expert for more than three decades, has the software product that can work with rubber companies: An integrated solution designed to help business users manage, control and gain a complete view over their commodity portfolio. Allegro is focused exclusively on commodities - not on anything else. That's why the rubber industry can turn to us with confidence.


Built for Rubber Professionals

At Allegro, our belief is that software for commodity risk management should be a single system, one that provides a comprehensive view of the market and potential exposures, while simultaneously enabling users to find opportunities for profit. It's what traders, compliance officers and accounting managers will appreciate - and what they have every right to expect.

With this philosophy guiding us, Allegro can provide the rubber industry with a complete view of risk, credit, physical and financial positions, trades and contracts. Our commodity trading risk management software is made for customers' real-world needs and goals, which is why we make it available on-premises or in the cloud. We know each customer is unique. Further, IT teams have the flexibility to tailor our CTRM system and extend the software as their company's requirements change.

However, Allegro isn't only about the information technology side. Employees and managers throughout an organization, front, middle and back office, will benefit with this multifaceted commodity software platform.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Rubber Trading

    Rubber Trading

    Rubber Trading

    Allegro manages end-to-end contract lifecycles for trading professionals. Some of the benefits of our software include:

    • Increased visibility
    • Ability to plan effective hedging strategies
    • Capture, control and confirmation of physical and financial trades
    • Detailed view of all positions
  • Rubber Risk Management

    Rubber Risk Management

    Rubber Risk Management

    With Allegro’s software, risk managers will have a better way of managing their processes. Some of the key benefits include:

    • Greater business oversight and understanding
    • Better workflow management and fewer manual errors
    • Visibility into exposure
  • Rubber Accounting and Compliance

    Rubber Accounting and Compliance

    Rubber Accounting and Compliance

    Accounting can be simplified with Allegro’s powerful software. Benefits for accounting and compliance include:

    • Ability to track and settle payables and receivables
    • Transaction- and inventory-tracking
    • Identification of paper settlement opportunities