Refined Products

Allegro For Refined Products

Software for companies that produce, trade, market, transport, store and consume refined products.

Responding to changes in demand for refined petroleum products, and the trading, logistics and other processes related to the sector, is a tremendous challenge that requires a powerful, flexible and adaptable software system. That's because in the refined products arena, demand is driven by many factors beyond commodity prices, including long-term demographics, economic cycles, government regulations and technology.

Whether change occurs rapidly or over time, Allegro is the commodity management software for your business and the evolving markets in which you operate.

Allegro's commodity trading and risk management software is a purpose-built, integrated solution designed to handle critical processes for companies producing, trading, marketing, transporting, storing and consuming refined petroleum. Allegro helps companies understand the impacts of credit, feedstock-gathering and risk, and it's closely integrated with Refined Products Connect, which has prebuilt interfaces for pipelines, carriers and other sources of data essential to refined products businesses, including truck rack and pipeline tickets. Taken together, this means Allegro is the commodities trading software platform your organization has been seeking.


Built for Refined Products Professionals

For energy traders, operations personnel, compliance teams and accounting managers, Allegro is meant to serve as a single system that offers a unified view across the business. With Allegro, the front office, middle office and back office will find they have a platform that's built to make their work more efficient, while keeping errors to a minimum.

However, Allegro's commodity management capabilities aren't its only strength. Along with its functionality, the software platform itself is designed to be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, and it has the flexibility to be tailored and extended as needed owing to its standards-based, open architecture. That enables the implementation of added capabilities, such as handling RINs or newly mandated fuel blends, without having to wait for a full software upgrade. In turn, that means Allegro can provide your business with a first-mover advantage.

Ultimately, Allegro was created for this reason - to provide benefits across the entire commodity company that in-house or pieced-together solutions simply can't match.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Refined Products Trading

    Refined Products Trading

    Refined Products Trading

    Allegro manages end-to-end contract and trading lifecycles, and the benefits of the platform include:

    • Increased visibility
    • Execution of effective hedging strategies
    • Handling the capture, control and confirmation of physical and financial trades
    • A complete trade-to-cash solution to track the entire commodity lifecycle for accurate profit and loss visibility
  • Refined Products Logistics and Operations

    Refined Products Logistics and Operations

    Refined Products Logistics and Operations

    Allegro handles logistics for all the major modes of transportation. It also tracks inventories for all refined products and the blending of these products. Key benefits include:

    • Uploading of logistics tickets and automated actualization
    • Handling of pipeline, rail, truck, barge and vessel movements and any combination of these
    • Tracking rack discharges, including splash blends
    • Handling of inventory positions and values across multiple products at multiple locations
    • Ability to fully track and understand logistics and inventory costs and their impact on profitability of locations, products and customers
  • Refined Products Risk Management

    Refined Products Risk Management

    Refined Products Risk Management

    Visibility into exposure is at the core of Allegro, and that’s something risk managers will greatly appreciate. Benefits include:

    • Identifying and resolving imbalance situations with limits and alerts
    • Increased insight into operations
    • Management of P&Ls, value-at-risk and mark-to-market
    • Automated workflows to reduce errors and better manage processes
  • Refined Products Accounting and Compliance

    Refined Products Accounting and Compliance

    Refined Products Accounting and Compliance

    Allegro is designed to manage the requirements of accounting and compliance professionals. Benefits of our software include:

    • Increased visibility for deeper business insight
    • Transaction- and inventory-tracking
    • Automated settlement processes for both payables and receivables
    • Identification of paper settlement opportunities