Natural Gas

Allegro for Natural Gas

Physical and financial position management for the natural gas life cycle.

Natural gas professionals need a comprehensive software solution for viewing available volumes and pipeline capacities, including capacity release, for transportation, storage and service-related data. Without the proper insights, schedulers face greater risks and are susceptible to penalties. What's the answer for managing the complexities of a natural gas business? It's Allegro, a purpose-built, integrated commodity risk management software platform.

Whether the requirement is to accurately pay royalties to owners or to invoice purchasers and then distribute revenues, Allegro ensures accuracy, control and efficiency. If you require a solution that allocates gathering molecules from the raw natural gas stream back to the CDP, CRP or wellhead meter by operator, producer and working-interest owner, Allegro is the way. Allegro's commodities trading software empowers schedulers with a complete view of physical gas positions, including inventory, for timely gas nominations and balancing across the portfolio. Volumes can be easily actualized and accounted for to ensure accurate settlement and invoicing.

With our solution, you'll be employing the only software package that you'll need to manage and grow your natural gas business. That's because Allegro is made for the natural gas operations of today and tomorrow.


Built for Natural Gas Professionals

Allegro fully integrates scheduling and transport management with trading, accounting and position reporting, enabling the entire enterprise to work as a unit and deliver results that improve the bottom line. For front, middle and back office teams, Allegro's commodity trading and risk management capabilities are specifically engineered for each line of business to succeed.

Depending on a customer's needs, Allegro is deployed either on-site or in the cloud. Once the decision is made to work with Allegro, companies have the flexibility to tailor and extend the software owing to our highly configurable, open architecture. Customers can implement new functionality fast, rather than be forced to wait for a full software upgrade cycle. In other words, it won't take long for all the benefits to make their way through the business.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Natural Gas Trading

    Natural Gas Trading

    Natural Gas Trading

    With Allegro, traders have all the capabilities they need to make their best decisions, each and every day. Benefits include:

    • Customizable trade entry templates to improve efficiency and accuracy
    • The ability to capture all appropriate trade details within a single repository, ultimately streamlining enterprise-wide data management
    • Portfolio insight to execute better trades with visibility of physical gas positions
  • Natural Gas Logistics and Operations

    Natural Gas Logistics and Operations

    Natural Gas Logistics and Operations

    Allegro provides a host of user-friendly functions for logistics professionals. Benefits include:

    • Understandable, easy-to-use format to aid in quick decision-making related to pipelines, inventory volumes, long and short positions and net volumes to determine if they’re balanced at trading points, pools and hubs
    • Multiple-position scheduling to streamline workflows, making it easier to nominate volumes within daily or hourly deadlines
    • Powerful cost reduction potential for schedulers who use the multiple pipeline nomination models and various imbalance methodologies to help track imbalances
    • Analysis of data and information throughout the position lifecycle via user-definable views and reports
  • Natural Gas Risk Management

    Natural Gas Risk Management

    Natural Gas Risk Management

    For risk management departments, Allegro provides such benefits as:

    • Position limit thresholds and ability to analyze for variance items, such as quantity, market value and mark-to-market
    • Comparisons against correlated value-at-risk limits for rolling time periods
    • P&L attribution with respect to changes over time, with the ability to drill down to various time frames, including daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly
    • Ability to perform pre-valuation data integrity checks to confirm completeness of position data and parameters
  • Natural Gas Accounting and Compliance

    Natural Gas Accounting and Compliance

    Natural Gas Accounting and Compliance

    For accounting and compliance professionals, Allegro offers an easy-to-use format for actualizing and allocating quantities. Other benefits include:

    • Accurate settlement and invoicing by automatically assigning the appropriate trade price and fees, as well as tariff rates for demand fees and variable commodity fees
    • Ability to calculate inventory valuation for accurate and streamlined accruals
    • Automated generation of net forward calculations, including sales margins, and net back calculation, including supply margins, to analyze profitability