Natural Gas Liquids

Allegro for Natural Gas Liquids

Software for NGL risk mitigation, financial control and compliance reporting.

As the demand for natural gas liquids continues to evolve, commodity executives, risk managers, finance officers and compliance professionals have to effectively manage their costs and mitigate their risk. Unfortunately, many of them may still be relying on outdated means of doing so, namely spreadsheets or legacy systems that were never designed to deal with the NGL market of today.

What they need instead is an advanced technology platform that's capable of simultaneously coping with supply and demand changes in the petrochemicals, heating or fuel markets, a raft of complex business requirements and a multitude of exposures, including price, currency, counterparty and credit risk. Allegro's commodity trading risk management system is such a platform.

With its capabilities for the front, middle and back office, Allegro is the ideal software solution for NGL customers, serving as a powerful and adaptable position visibility tool. With Allegro, today's NGL businesses will know they have an integrated and extensible solution that's designed to provide a complete portfolio overview, while at the same time improving productivity, compliance and profitability throughout the company. Spreadsheets simply aren't up to the task.


Built for NGL Professionals

Allegro's CTRM software offers users a comprehensive view of risk, credit, positions, trades and contracts, and it's available on-premises or in the cloud. In-house IT organizations will value the flexibility they'll have to tailor and extend Allegro easily thanks to its highly configurable, open architecture.

Importantly, Allegro integrates with existing natural gas and crude oil systems, painting a complete picture of overall operations and risk. That means everyone in the NGL management matrix can view the same information at the same time - traders, logistics managers and schedulers are using the same playbook, eliminating delays and improving transparency.

For example, Allegro customers can oversee scheduled batches with Electronic Bulletin Board (EBB)-like views, create detailed logistic plans and handle imbalances with confidence. But that's only part of the story. Allegro is made to work on behalf of the entire NGL organization.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • NGL Trading

    NGL Trading

    NGL Trading

    Traders will find that, with Allegro, they can manage contracts from start to finish. Key benefits of Allegro include:

    • Increased visibility for better decision-making
    • Ability to execute effective hedging strategies
    • Capture, control and confirmation of physical and financial trades
    • Detailed position analysis and overview
  • NGL Logistics and Operations

    NGL Logistics and Operations

    NGL Logistics and Operations

    Allegro includes inventory management, shipment costs and other logistics features so that customers can optimize storage and transportation. Benefits include:

    • Full transparency into logistics operations, across geographies and transport modes, minimizing risk
    • Daily, monthly or annual demand forecastsAbility to capture counterparty relationships and authorizations
    • Built-in confirmation reports
    • Details such as shipper accounts, points, zones, segments and orders
  • NGL Risk Management

    NGL Risk Management

    NGL Risk Management

    Detailed visibility into exposure is at the core of Allegro, and risk managers will appreciate what our product has to offer. Among the benefits are:

    • Identifying and reducing shortage situations with limits and alerts
    • Increased visibility
    • Automated workflow management to reduce manual errors
  • NGL Accounting and Compliance

    NGL Accounting and Compliance

    NGL Accounting and Compliance

    With Allegro, accounting and compliance teams will find their lines of business easier to manage. Benefits of our software include:

    • Greater visibility
    • Streamlined transaction- and inventory-tracking
    • Tracking and settlement of payables and receivables
    • Automated settlement