Liquefied Natural Gas

Allegro for Liquefied Natural Gas

Physical and financial position management for the entire LNG lifecycle.

Liquefied natural gas has a complex life cycle that requires production, transportation, loading, storage and regasification, in addition to managing the financial processes. With Allegro's commodity trading risk management software, all of these requirements can be handled through a comprehensive intelligent and intuitive platform.

Allegro is a purpose-built energy and commodity trading risk management solution made for front, middle and back office commodity professionals. It integrates physical and financial positions for LNG management, including the liquefaction of natural gas and regasification for distribution via natural gas pipelines.

Plus, with Allegro, companies can manage trading, actualization, billing and inventory valuation, gaining a complete view of their business and the potential issues it may be facing. In short, there is one ideal, multifaceted software solution for LNG: Allegro.


Built for LNG Professionals

Allegro's commodity risk management system is designed to improve efficiency and enterprise-wide visibility by integrating key LNG information into one system, including trades, contracts, liquefaction and regasification, scheduling, physical logistics, third-party taxes and fees, and settlement, invoicing and inventory valuation and accruals.

While its LNG capabilities are extensive, another critical part of the Allegro advantage lies in the customer-focused approach. Our commodities trading software platform can be deployed either on-site or in the cloud, and companies will have the flexibility to tailor and extend the solution thanks to its highly configurable, open architecture. That means customers can implement new functionality quickly, without having to wait for a software upgrade cycle.

Plus, Allegro offers distinct benefits across departments. Whether traders, operations teams or compliance managers need a clearer view of their line of business, the Allegro CTRM system will represent a new and better way of working.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • LNG Trading

    LNG Trading

    LNG Trading

    With Allegro, traders will see several benefits, including:

    • Improved efficiency on trades
    • Customizable trade templates
    • Accurate trade entry and confirmation
  • LNG Logistics and Operations

    LNG Logistics and Operations

    LNG Logistics and Operations

    For logistics and operations teams, Allegro offers benefits such as:

    • Ability to model input, output and losses for liquefaction and regasification processes to ensure accurate tracking
    • Tracking of all aspects of the shipments between terminals
    • Integration with other Allegro products
    • Full view of positions
  • LNG Accounting and Compliance

    LNG Accounting and Compliance

    LNG Accounting and Compliance

    With Allegro, accounting and compliance professionals will gain greater insight. Key benefits include:

    • Accurate settlement and invoicing
    • Assignment of appropriate trade pricing and fees
    • Calculation of inventory valuation for accurate and streamlined accruals