Edible Oils

Allegro for Edible Oils

The software for risk mitigation, financial control and compliance reporting.

The edible oils industry accounts for some of the most important cooking ingredients in the world, along with serving as the basis for the production of soaps, detergents, personal care products, and biofuels. With their diverse uses and the increase in the world's population, edible oils are expected to be a growth area for agricultural commodity investors and producers in the years ahead.

But managing for both today's and tomorrow's market requires the right tools and proper planning. Spreadsheets might have worked in years past, but they too often fall short of what a modern commodity business has to have now. That's where Allegro's software comes in. Allegro is a purpose-built, integrated commodity trading risk management software solution that's designed to enable front office, middle office and back office users to control their agriculture commodity operations and maintain a complete view over their portfolio.

Companies involved in the edible oils industry need to mitigate risk, ensure stability, gain deeper supply and demand insight and confidently manage operations, all while working to drive profit growth. To do so, they need technology that's suited for the complexity of these tasks, and that means being open to new ways of operating. Allegro's advanced CTRM platform is the right choice.


Built for Edible Oils Professionals

The edible oils industry needs a system that's capable of managing many moving parts and coping with extensive risk, including price, currency, counterparty and credit risk. One system, one view and powerful profit potential – this is what traders, compliance teams and accounting managers need to demand. Fortunately, it's entirely possible to have.

Allegro CTRM software provides a comprehensive view of credit, positions, trades and contractss. Also, because it's made with customers in mind, it's available either on-premises or in the cloud, and it can be easily extended owing to its standards-based, open architecture.

For an edible oils company with global interests, Allegro's commodities trading software will provide multiple benefits, no matter which department needs the latest, most complete information.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Edible Oils Trading

    Edible Oils Trading

    Edible Oils Trading

    Allegro will help traders enhance their visibility and employ effective hedging strategies. Other trading benefits include:

    • Capture, control and confirmation of physical and financial trades
    • A detailed view of all positions
    • Oversight of options and swaps
  • Edible Oils Risk Management

    Edible Oils Risk Management

    Edible Oils Risk Management

    Allegro provides risk managers with a comprehensive overview of exposure. Among the benefits of using Allegro are:

    • Identification and reduction of shortage situations with limits and alerts
    • Detailed, complete view into positions
    • Automated workflows that help reduce manual errors
  • Edible Oils Accounting and Compliance

    Edible Oils Accounting and Compliance

    Edible Oils Accounting and Compliance

    Improved and streamlined business processes makes accounting simpler, and that’s among the strengths of Allegro. Benefits of our software for accountants and compliance teams include:

    • Ability to track and settle payables and receivables
    • Transaction- and inventory-tracking
    • Detailed business insights
    • Identification of paper settlement opportunities