Crude Oil

Allegro For Crude Oil

Better decisions arise from deeper insights into the crude oil market.

Clearly, the crude oil market is volatile, and dealing with it demands a sophisticated and flexible system focused on the unique needs of the crude oil industry. Allegro is such a system – a commodity trading risk management software platform made for crude oil producers, refiners, marketers, traders and transportation and logistics companies.

Allegro is an integrated CTRM solution for crude oil front, middle and back office professionals. As an added feature for crude oil businesses, Allegro is closely integrated with Crude Oil Connect and its prebuilt interfaces for third-party logistics data, including pipelines, carriers and other sources of data essential to tracking physical crude oil movements.

Additionally, Allegro allows crude oil companies to analyze and manage various functions, including credit, risk and revenue accounting and their impact on their core oil business. By turning to a single commodities trading software platform, thereby eliminating the need for multiple systems or spreadsheets, oil operations can become more efficient. That's the Allegro advantage.


How to Choose a CTRM System

You're considering a commodity trading risk management system to gain greater business transparency. But which one do you choose? With the white paper "How to Choose a CTRM System," you'll learn the right questions to ask.

Built for Crude Oil Professionals

Allegro provides a comprehensive view of logistics, inventories, positions, contracts and profits across the entire crude oil sector. For industry professionals, that means they'll become markedly more efficient with our CTRM software managing their numerous tasks.

Along with its functionality, flexibility is also key to Allegro. The platform is deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, and crude oil companies can tailor and extend the solution as needed owing to its highly configurable, open architecture. That means customers can implement additional functionality quickly, instead of being forced to wait on an upgrade cycle.

With Allegro's commodity trading software for crude oil businesses, a broad range of users will benefit throughout the organization.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Crude Oil Trading

    Crude Oil Trading

    Crude Oil Trading

    For traders, Allegro seamlessly manages the entire contract and trading lifecycle. Key benefits include:

    • Greater visibility
    • Execution of effective hedging strategies
    • Handling the capture, control and confirmation of physical and financial trades
    • The ability to slice and dice data for in-depth analysis
    • Accurate valuation, settlement and profit and loss reporting
  • Crude Oil Logistics and Operations

    Crude Oil Logistics and Operations

    Crude Oil Logistics and Operations

    Allegro manages logistics for all major modes of transportation used in gathering and transporting crude oil. It also tracks inventories and oversees blending. Other benefits include:

    • Uploading of truck tickets and automated actualization of associated movements
    • Handling of pipeline, rail, truck, barge and vessel movements, individually or in combination
    • Inventory position management, including tracking values at multiple locations
    • Ability to fully track and understand logistics and inventory costs and their impact on profitability across locations, products and customers
  • Crude Oil Risk Management

    Crude Oil Risk Management

    Crude Oil Risk Management

    Visibility into exposure is central to Allegro, and risk managers will appreciate the view they’ll have into positions, limits, mark-to-market requirements and value-at-risk. Benefits include:

    • Identification and resolution of imbalances with limits and alerts
    • Increased insight into operations
    • Automated workflows, reduced errors and better managed business processes
  • Crude Oil Accounting and Compliance

    Crude Oil Accounting and Compliance

    Crude Oil Accounting and Compliance

    With Allegro, accounting and compliance teams will find that they derive several benefits from using the platform, including:

    • Increased visibility for better decision-making
    • Automated settlement for payables and receivables
    • Overall reduction in manual processes