Webinar: How to Prepare for 5-Minute Settlement

Discover How You Can Use Advanced Analytics to Capitalize on 5-Minute Settlement

Power trading has become a quantitative analysis game. Whoever is quicker on their feet with powerful systems that organize an overwhelming amount of disparate data will end up ahead. Is your company ready?


1-hour, 30, and 15-minute settlements for power trades are narrowing to 5-minute increments.


First, this shift will give organizations greater clarity on system conditions and constraints, such as the unpredictability of wind energy. Next, 5-minute settlements provide better price signals for resources and further margin improvements — resulting in overall lower costs to the market. Finally, the shorter settlement period is intended to trigger investment in renewables and new and/or upgraded equipment.

With these benefits, come challenges. Commodity organizations are now barraged with even more data clutter. Instead of 24 daily increments with hourly settlements or 96 with 15-minute settlements, organizations will now receive a whopping 288 increments of settlement data every day.

Now, multiple systems will need to be managed to ensure they are not overrun by data volumes. Then there’s the hard truth of manual tasks no longer being feasible, with greater reconciliation complexities and more variables to model.

For many organizations, staying ahead is already difficult at just 1-hour settlements. Businesses must now be strategic on how they manage settlements at 5 minutes — more granularity, more complexity.

Having what you want in terms of data models early on will pay dividends. Access to advanced analytics during the Big Data era delivers valuable information on marketplace dynamics. Early knowledge of market prices, generation dispatch, and other key energy market metrics are undoubtedly an advantage. There is no time like now to get a head start on assessing your business’s needs and capabilities for 5-minute settlement.

Throughout this 90-minute webinar, How to Prepare for 5-Minute Settlement,” you will find out how advanced analytics can solve these mounting threats. Listen in on specialized presentations about precise dispatch analytics for 5-minute settlement, preparing a business for market change, and forecasting energy prices using neural networks.

What’s Covered In “How to Prepare for 5-Minute Settlement”

Distinguished speakers from ABB Energy Portfolio Management, capSpire, Alchemy Solutions, and Allegro will discuss in depth:


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