Is the US ready for an export boom?

Export Boom SocialFor decades, the US federal government has been on the quest for energy independence. As Bloomberg New Energy Finance Editor and Policy Analyst Stephen Munro once said, “Presidents have slipped glossy mentions of national aspirations to ‘energy independence’ into their addresses since the oil embargoes of the 1970s.”

Thanks to an oversupply of commodities such as shale oil and natural gas, this dream is seemingly becoming a reality. Seemingly. While the US continues to fuel an increasing global demand with exports, domestic demand also continues to rise.

The rapidly changing global energy landscape presents vast opportunities but also introduces new supply chain disruptions and market risks, which will only continue to increase over time. That said, the question remains – will market participants be equipped to handle a changing market with increasing domestic demand while the exports ante continues to be raised?

Read more on this topic in World Pipelines Magazine (page 21), where Allegro’s Crude and Refined Product Manager takes a deep dive into market risks and opportunities in a rapidly evolving market.

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