U.S. Business and the Paris Climate Agreement

By Chris Nichols, Content Strategist

During the last full year of his second term, President Obama said that the U.S. would be adhering to the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change in the years ahead. President Trump and some of the members of his circle have indicated that they aren’t entirely convinced that was the right way to go.

ETower ImageAs is often the case when it comes to climate-related topics, the Paris accord has its supporters and its detractors. So what’s behind the business case for staying in and the case for walking away? Michael W. Hinton, Allegro’s Chief Strategy & Customer Officer, was quoted recently on the rationale for both views.

For instance, the supporters of the U.S. remaining part of the agreement may well believe it’s the duty of corporations to take care of the environment, even if they have to make financial adjustments. On the other hand, if you’re worried that the Paris Agreement may mean higher operating costs or uneven compliance enforcement, you might be in the leave camp.

But that’s just the brief overview. Hinton had a lot more to say on the issue, and his take appeared in a couple of different publications in the past few days, first in Environmental Leader and then shortly thereafter in Forbes. Be sure to check out both articles to get a better sense of the business side of the debate.

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