When You Think Power, Think Allegro

By Chris Nichols, Content Strategist

One of the big power events of the year is taking place this week in Las Vegas – Platts 32nd Annual Global Power Markets Conference. Allegro is on hand for meetings and demos … and we might even be handing out a few gift cards. If you’ve not already done so, you can still set up a meeting with us.

Global Power Markets GraphicBut free items aside, we all know there’s a great deal happening in power these days, not the least of which revolves around the ongoing rise of natural gas and renewables in generation and the continuing questions around coal’s future.

Whether you made it to Vegas or stayed behind at the office, we know you’ve got much to ponder. With that being the case, we thought it made sense to point you to an Allegro-sponsored report, “New Age Energy Markets: Challenges for Utilities, IPPs and Traders,” on these very topics. It covers the landscape, and you can download a copy of the white paper today:

Once you’ve read it, get in contact with us. We’ll be glad to tell you more about what Allegro can do for power.

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