The Risk of Spreadsheets in Ags

By Callie Cady, Marketing Communications Manager

Risk of SpreadsheetsAgriculture traders and finance teams who use spreadsheets are at risk of experiencing problems that could severely impede their efficiencies, which may ultimately result in a less successful organization.

While spreadsheets have their place in the business world, they are unreliable when it comes to complex management of agriculture commodities. Floating documents between front, middle and back offices can make it extremely difficult to mitigate errors, which are compounded as they move through each department.

Allegro’s The Risk of Spreadsheets in Ags covers the pitfalls of using spreadsheets to manage your oil or oilseeds trading, including risks in counterparty credit, liquidity, commodity cost and operations. Most importantly, this E-book also reveals the competitive advantages that can be gained with a commodity trading and risk managing software platform, or CTRM.

If you are using spreadsheets to manage your oil or oilseeds trading, you are exposing your organization to too many errors, which can deliver a hit to your bottom line. Download Allegro’s Risk of Spreadsheets E-book today, and learn how to significantly minimize errors by ditching the spreadsheets in lieu of a CTRM to manage your agriculture trading.

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