The Paris Agreement: An Interview With Allegro’s Michael W. Hinton

By Chris Nichols, Content Strategist

Now that President Trump has made it clear he’s planning to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement on emissions and climate, the world’s businesses and governments are weighing in on what it will mean.

After Paris Social Clearly, a great deal has to be sorted out in the years ahead in terms of complying with the accord’s goals, and there are many questions whose answers won’t be known for some time. But Allegro, with more than 30 years of commodity trading and risk management expertise, has ample perspective on what the impact could be on oil and gas producers, power companies and renewable energy.

Michael W. Hinton, Allegro’s Chief Strategy & Customer Officer, has been speaking on the Paris developments recently, lending his views to articles in Environmental Leader and Forbes before the decision was made. Now that the plan has been announced for the U.S. to leave (although that can’t be completed before November 2020), he’s offering further thoughts on the move, this time in Energy Central. For instance, Hinton said that even though the Paris Agreement “may have lofty targets, it’s essential to future energy policy.”

That’s just the start, though. Read the entire article to see what else he had to say about Paris. Also, be on the lookout for more from Allegro on the agreement. This is a topic of global interest, and Allegro is uniquely positioned to discuss how all manner of energy companies might be affected, both in the U.S. and in the other countries that decide to remain in the pact.

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