A Guide for Choosing the Right CTRM Solution

By Chris Nichols, Content Strategist

Once you’ve made the decision to modernize your commodity trading and risk management capabilities, you’re on the right track. Swapping out your spreadsheets or your years-old in-house system for a platform built for the 21st century is the way to go.

CTRM Social However, now it’s about to get a bit more difficult. After all, you’re preparing to commit time, energy and, of course, money to implement an entirely new software solution. Let’s face it: It’s not an overstatement to say you’re potentially staking the future of your business on the change you’re about to make. Clearly, you want to get it right. And figuring out which solution is the right one is going to take some effort.

The ultimate answer is going to be different for every business, but you can set yourself up for a greater chance of success by knowing a few helpful questions to ask. So what are those questions, exactly? You can find them all when you download a report from Allegro called How to Choose a CTRM. In it, we cover a number of topics, from licensing and training questions to functionality, and we believe it will be a valuable checklist on your journey to installing a new commodity management system.

One more thing – if you need to take a step back and learn about CTRM systems in general before you get into the questions component, we can help there, too. Just visit the web page What Is CTRM? to find out the details about these software platforms.

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