The Future of Grid Edge Technologies: Moving Toward the Giant Battery

Giant Battery SocialWhen it comes to the electricity grid, compute edge grid technologies can be classified as any technology that is used on or around the electricity grid that is used to improve resiliency, reliability or market efficiency.

Grid edge technologies today can be traced back to the industry’s operations prior to deregulation. In the beginning, utility companies owned the power lines and produced electricity all under the same roof – and that is who consumers paid to keep their lights on. However, as market deregulation took place and competition increased, the industry experienced a shift toward solutions offered by newly privatized companies that could produce cheaper, alternate forms of energy.

Today, we are experiencing the explosion of what has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT) in which one can take devices of any sort and put them physically along the electric grid to measure and determine when a line is down, when a particular area is over or under capacity, when an area is hotter than another, where there is more solar power, etc. IoT has given technology companies the opportunity to solve problems on a massive scale that they previously couldn’t solve. Additionally, while the Elon Musk view of the world in which batteries are used is relatively new in the electricity market, it is presenting a lot of opportunity and efficiency with things such as solar power and wind.

In order to stay ahead of market shifts and competition in today’s world, power companies should consider embracing new technology, utilizing big data, increasing competition in the market, and looking for ways to adapt to future market changes and demands. Keith Farris, Allegro’s Chief Technology Officer, addresses these topics in his latest contribution to Electric Light & Power. Click here to view the full article.

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