E-book: 5 Reasons Commodity Businesses Lose Money

And strategies to stay profitable


With today’s extreme geopolitical uncertainty, health emergencies across borders, shifts in energy sources, ever-changing regulations, volatile supply chains, and rapidly evolving technologies ― complexities surrounding commodity businesses and the amount of available data have become greater. Front, middle, and back offices all must closely analyze the potential for losses daily.

For commodity management professionals, this means being able to quickly ― and with 100 percent certainty ― know the status of various exposures, demands, supplies, regulations, capacities, and much more. This type of certainty is possible with the right strategies, awareness, and tools. Throughout the decades, ION Commodities has watched commodity businesses grow. During that time, we’ve observed the key areas where forward-looking organizations prosper — and the pitfalls that underprepared businesses experience.

Learn from our experts the top five reasons commodity businesses lose money, and how to prevent these potential losses.

Uncover your root causes for loss

For commodity businesses, the margin for error is small. A blip in the system doesn’t have minor repercussions. In fact, one mix-up could cost millions. Getting down to the root causes for why your commodity business is losing money is half the battle.

That’s where C/ETRM software and advanced analytics comes in. When you gain buy-in to a next-generation CTRM solution and advanced analytics at the organizational level, it can transform your entire business. Continuous improvement, innovation, and optimization become the norm throughout the entire deal-to-cash cycle — all from one system. Front, middle, and back offices get the transparency, optimization tools, controls, and much more to catch an error before it worsens.

Find out how a leading CTRM solution and advanced analytics can help your business prevent major losses.


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