CTRM Myth: CTRM Software Implementations Take Too Long

Myth SocialWelcome to another week of the 5 Myths of CTRM blog series, where we address the common myths surrounding enterprise commodity management software. This week, we’ll cover the myth: “CTRM software implementations take way too long.”

The truth is, the time it takes to implement commodity trading and risk management software depends on the size and complexity of the project – and multi-system and multi-desk integrations must be accounted for when building an implementation plan. That said, when you work with an experienced CTRM software provider, such as Allegro, your expectations can be met and exceeded.

Need to get up and running in a matter of weeks with a phased rollout? No problem. Our implementation consultants conduct phased rollouts all the time. At Allegro, we configure CTRM software implementation based on your business needs.

Want a cloud-based implementation? Efficiency and accuracy are the names of the cloud-based implementation game! With our cloud-enabled CTRM software, Allegro Horizon, we typically produce an instance of each customer’s production in the cloud during implementation. As a result, you can experience reduced time and cost through building, testing, and validating software requirements using cloud services. In other words, Allegro’s team (and yours) can work within the system from anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need for larger teams to be on site throughout implementation.

Need a fast implementation on a major scale? We can do that, too. Just this year, Hanwha Total Petrochemical went live on our software after a quick and efficient 10-week implementation.

“The Allegro team’s industry knowledge, technical aptitude, and daily commitment to a fast-track implementation were key for a successful project. We are excited to use Allegro’s CTRM software to gain greater visibility, control, and decision-making capabilities regarding company price risk management.” — Sebastien Bariller, SVP Hanwha Total Petrochemical

Read more about Hanwha Total’s successful 10-week implementation here.

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