CTRM 101: What Is CTRM?

CTRM 101: It's Not Difficult To Learn The Basics But It Is Critical To Do So.Commodities companies across the globe use a variety of tools to manage their portfolios. From spreadsheets to homegrown systems to enterprise CTRM platforms, there are many ways you can manage your entire portfolio across front, middle and back offices. However, the solution you choose must be chosen carefully because it can make or break your business. That’s why Allegro’s CTRM platform and the Allegro team are dedicated to making your life easier. You may be reading this and asking yourself, “What is a CTRM system, and how will it help my business?” Or maybe you’re asking yourself “Why Allegro?” If you fall into one of those categories, keep reading!

What is a commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) platform, exactly? CTRM is an abbreviation for commodity trading and risk management. CTRM software companies, such as Allegro, provide systems that allow participants in the commodity markets to trade physical commodities, such as crude oil, natural gas or agriculture products, monitor their financial positions, oversee logistics and manage their risk. Sometimes you’ll hear the term ETRM, or energy trading and risk management, but today’s CTRMs can also handle energy.

If you’re asking yourself why you need a CTRM solution or how to choose a CTRM solution, we have the answers for you in our CTRM 101 guide. With this quick fact sheet, we address the following FAQs:

  • What is CTRM?
  • Why do I need a CTRM system?
  • How do I choose the right CTRM software for my business needs?
  • What do I need to know about Allegro?
  • How long does implementation take?
  • Will I save money with a CTRM solution?

If you’d like some quick and informative answers to these questions, look no further!

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