Allegro is Thankful for Another Successful Year of CTRM Innovation and Growth

Allegro Thankful ImageAs we turn the corner into the 2018 holiday season and year-end, we want to take the time to express how thankful we are for another outstanding year of growth and innovation here at Allegro.

First and foremost, we want to express how thankful we are for our wonderful customers. With an average 96 percent retention rate YoY, Allegro has seen yet another successful year of growth within our existing customer base, as well as with new business.

This year, we have expanded even further across the globe and into all industries we serve. That said, we would like to specifically highlight the fact that we’ve seen unprecedented success in the APAC market, with companies like Hanwha Total and Meralco joining the list of Allegro customers. Allegro’s growth in this region is a testament to the fact that commodity businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are looking to automated, agile CTRM software and advanced analytics solutions that can help them navigate a rapidly growing market. We are happy to continue serving APAC and all other regions in the years to come.

The growth we have experienced is a direct reflection of Allegro’s continual innovation. From acquiring the best quantitative analytics business, Financial Engineering Associates (FEA), to new product releases, to entering the metals market with a flexible and extensible CTRM solution, we have accomplished a lot in 2018 (and we aren’t done yet!).

What really drives Allegro’s innovation is our people. We have hired the best minds in the industry, and we are extremely thankful for the hard work and dedication that go into making Allegro the best CTRM and ETRM software provider in the world. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our commodity trading and risk management offerings to better serve our customers’ needs in ever-changing commodities markets.

Attributing Success to a Global Family
We could not have experienced our successes without our incredible employees, customers, and partner network – thank you all for your collaboration. Cheers to a year of growth and innovation together; and many more to come!

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