4 Reasons to Switch to Allegro Horizon for your CTRM Needs

4 Reasons imageToday’s technology landscape demands continual focus on commodity trading and risk management process improvements that enable agility, sustainability and growth. These demands, coupled with a myriad of changes commodities markets face on a daily basis, create a need for deeper trading insights, more critical risk management, improved logistics and compliance, and support for new deployment and technologies. The newest version of Allegro’s commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software, Horizon, meets those needs.

With native cloud capabilities, Horizon is a forward-compatible solution that serves as the foundation for higher performance and a more scalable experience in CTRM. Horizon enables customers to buy and implement software the way they do business – by function, department or desk – thereby reducing cost and risk of deployment and providing flexibility as needs change in the future.

Allegro’s new and existing clients who have implemented Horizon have reported between a 25% and 75% uptick in performance with faster project rollout and completion, more rapid decision-making capabilities, and reduced downtime and operational risk.

Still wondering why you should switch to Allegro Horizon for all your CTRM needs? CapSpire, a system integration and technology solutions firm that is a valued part of Allegro’s global partner ecosystem, recently wrote a blog post titled “4 Reasons Why Allegro Users Should Upgrade to Allegro Horizon.” Whether you’re currently operating on an older version of Allegro’s software, on a different legacy system or are using homegrown methods, moving your CTRM to Allegro Horizon can help you:

  1. Benefit from the latest software enhancements
  2. Streamline and improve business processes
  3. Implement new business streams
  4. Receive excellent support from the Allegro team

To read CapSpire’s full blog post on why you should upgrade to Allegro Horizon, click here.

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