Allegro User Group

AUG: Learn, share, succeed.

An independent global organization representing Allegro super users.

The Allegro User Group (AUG) is an independent global organization that allows long-term engagement with industry and functional peers to maximize the value of the Allegro solution. Join the AUG to collaborate with and learn from other members of the Allegro user community and gain direct access and input to Allegro strategy, leadership direction and product development.

Supported by Allegro, but led by an independent council of Allegro users, the AUG provides a forum for independent user engagement and knowledge sharing. By participating in the AUG, users gain access to:

The Allegro Knowledge Base: Available 24/7, the AUG Portal allows members to participate in moderated forums, share documents and subscribe to important and interesting topics.

Regional AUG Meetings: Sponsored by Allegro, but hosted by AUG member companies in different regions, regional meetings bring users and Allegro product leadership together to learn and share.

Council and Liaison Support: Highly engaged senior users make up the leadership council. Connected with Allegro senior and executive leadership, the council drives annual agendas, forms and manages subcommittees and supports liaisons at functional levels with Allegro product leadership.

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