Allegro University

Sharing Knowledge for Success

CTRM best practices and user training for Allegro customers and partners.

From implementation to action, Allegro supports the full life cycle of customer training requirements. From initial training, on-boarding, to specific business case best practices, Allegro University is a unique, innovative resource for Allegro customers and partners.

Courses With Flexible Learning Styles

Whether you are an experienced user or a new customer, Allegro U will help you build a complete training plan to ensure your organization has the knowledge and skills to maximize results with our CTRM and ETRM software.

Video Knowledge Sharing: Allegro U includes a private video-sharing experience where users can easily create custom training videos for distribution with co-workers in a private, secure channels. This allows creation of both formal and casual training videos that benefit a specific business challenge or user. And with Allegro U, you minimize the loss of institutional knowledge – all videos are stored and available for new users 24/7.

eLearning Courses: Allegro U’s on-demand training courses are designed to speed the path to solution proficiency, ensuring teams have the knowledge and skills to perform their roles efficiently and effectively. Included as a channel in your team’s environment, training is accessible 24/7, either through a browser, or the Allegro U mobile app.

Live Training: Allegro U also hosts live instructor-led training, giving users direct access to Allegro subject matter experts. Students attend face-to-face sessions with instructors and industry peers in a classroom setting for an interactive experience with open dialogue and Q&A. Whether on customer site or in one of Allegro’s convenient global classrooms, instructor led-training is offered on a regular basis or as tailored sessions for specific users.

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