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The unfortunate truth for utilities is that traditional tools for energy trading and risk management too often fall well short of what they need. That can be the case for a large, integrated utility as much as it can be for small municipal operators. Either way, this troublesome state opens the door to increased risks and costs.

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Allegro for Utilities

Allegro is made to mitigate risk. Designed to provide complete and timely insights, Allegro’s energy trading and commodity risk management software works with utilities by connecting their teams of traders, schedulers, accountants, compliance personnel and other strategic employees.

For utilities, the ability to manage assets at the lowest cost, and to handle logistics and operations with lower risk and improved profitability, is more important than ever, considering the increasing demand to satisfy customers, regulators and, if they’re publicly traded, shareholders. Whether you’re a power or natural gas utility, the way to address these challenges is with Allegro’s energy trading software.


Trusted for Over 30 Years

In the utility arena, having a partner you can trust is paramount. We know because we’ve spent more than 30 years in commodity risk management, providing a purpose-built, integrated platform for our customers. Quite simply, our system is made for the stresses faced by our power and natural gas utilities.

If you’re not already taking advantage of our CTRM software, making the move to Allegro will mean more control over your utility business. However, you may first need a deep, well-researched use case to gain executive support. Reach out to us, and we can help you build that case. When you do, you’ll learn how Allegro can position you for the future of commodity management, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Utilities Trading

For utility traders, the benefits of Allegro include:

  • – Detailed position management, including visibility into pricing moves
  • – Integration with trading platforms, increasing productivity
  • – Efficient and accurate trade capture of physical and financial transactions
  • – Greater visibility into your business to enable better decisions

Utilities Logistics and Operations

Allegro offers a number of benefits to logistics and operations professionals at both power and gas utilities, including:

  • – Usage management for easy capture of historical and actual usage
  • – Analysis of data and information throughout the position life cycle
  • – Presentation of transactions in real time

Utilities Accounting and Compliance

Accounting and compliance professionals who take advantage of Allegro will see benefits such as:

  • – Reduction in financial losses due to inaccurate settlement statements
  • – Support for reporting requirements such as those of the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s Accounting Standards Codification, including ASC 820, International Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards, including IAS 39
  • – Control, accuracy, timeliness and security that senior management requires to certify financial reports with confidence
  • – Tracking of the complete compliance business process, including reporting status with a comprehensive audit trail

Built for Utilities Professionals

Allegro is a leading commodity risk management platform, built on three-plus decades of experience, and it's been relied upon for years by top utility companies in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere to help manage their operations.

It's not difficult to understand why: Allegro is the innovative, forward-compatible CTRM platform for successful and profitable utility management. Allegro alleviates the gaps that can be created with in-house and built-by-acquisition energy software by serving as a streamlined decision-making tool for power and natural gas utility companies.

No matter which department they're in, utility professionals across the front, middle and back offices will find an array of benefits when they rely on Allegro's commodity software. So speak with us today. Let us tell you about how our energy trading and risk management solution can change your business.

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