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Allegro optimizes power operations

Energy companies need comprehensive software solutions to gain visibility and to accurately report on historical usage, potential future usage and actual volumes of commercial and industrial electricity. At the same time, power utilities have to be able to deal with changes in regulations and within the energy market itself.

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Allegro for Power Utilities

With Allegro’s energy trading software, power utilities get what their business needs. As a maker of commodity risk management software with more than three decades of experience, Allegro understands the functionality that’s necessary to manage the business processes of retail power companies. For instance, Allegro allows users to rapidly and easily create and manage load forecasts for expected monthly, long-term, short-term hourly and sub-hourly commercial or industrial retail demand.

But that’s only the start. Allegro commodities trading software aggregates all the necessary information utilities require in a single system, and it does so with user-friendly views. When Allegro is deployed, customers can confidently oversee physical power transactions and reach the most profitable outcome.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

Allegro has been working with commodity companies for decades, and during that time, we’ve acquired deep and wide industry knowledge. That means we’re clear on the challenges faced by commodity businesses each and every day. Power utilities are some of our oldest customers, and we’ve been the partner they’ve chosen to help them through evolving markets and changing economies. Our experience is what makes Allegro the commodity trading and risk management partner, or CTRM, you need.

Deciding on Allegro will mean more control over your power utility business, but you may have to build a powerful case to get executive support. So contact us today, because we can provide you with that case. With Allegro energy and commodities trading software, you’ll be positioning yourself for the future, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Power Utilities Trading

With Allegro, power traders will get a number of benefits, including:

  • – Ability to capture trades with unique fields such as Control Area, Blocks and ISO participant information
  • -Management of positions throughout the life cycle (trade, forecast, plan, tag, loss, schedule and actuals)
  • – Ability to handle derivatives and CRR congestion instruments
  • – Flexibility in capturing complex pricing, price formulas and curves

Power Utilities Logistics and Operations

For logistics teams at the utility, the benefits of turning to Allegro include:

  • – Support for the European power scheduling processes, including balancing between grids
  • – Load shapes, counterparty checkout, actualization, pool balancing, direct and indirect bookouts
  • – Ability to create user-defined power products, such as energy, capacity and ancillaries

Power Utilities Risk Management

For risk managers at power utilities, the benefits of incorporating Allegro include:

  • – Risk management and valuation data, including integrated credit, market and operations risk
  • – Accurate, efficient and comprehensive tracking of physical and financial positions
  • – Mark-to-market calculations providing the total value of a portfolio
  • – Comparisons against correlated value-at-risk limits for rolling time periods

Power Utilities Accounting and Compliance

For accounting and compliance personnel, Allegro has benefits such as:

  • – Streamlined and automated regulatory reporting
  • – Tracking of the complete compliance business process, including reporting status with a comprehensive audit trail
  • – Assurance of complete and accurate settlement data
  • – Ability to access data for regulatory compliance reporting, such as FERC Electric Quarterly Report

Built for Power Utilities

Clearly, electricity is an integral part of life all around the world. It's indispensable to factories, offices, small business and homes. A lack of electricity causes not only inconvenience, but also potentially significant economic losses. Quite simply, it's essential that electricity is guaranteed to be up and running.

With Allegro, electric power utilities can support their front, middle and back offices. From securing inputs for the plant all the way to electricity delivery and accounting management, Allegro's software is the integrated, innovative and adaptable commodity risk management solution for the utility operations of both today and tomorrow.

Allegro has been serving commodity customers since 1984. We know what our customers need in order to be more efficient. That's why we deliver the leading system, a system that's flexible and extensible. Allegro can be deployed on-site or as a cloud-based installation, and it can be extended as needed without having to wait on a full upgrade cycle. In short, Allegro is the solution utilities need, and the benefits will be evident throughout the organization once it's put to use. So talk to us today about how Allegro can work for you.

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