Petroleum Refining

An adaptable CTRM solution for refinery operations

From securing feedstock, to blending ready-to-use end products, to the logistics of working with thousands of trucks or railcars for transportation, the process of refining petroleum is exceedingly complex. Managing the refinery inputs, ensuring accurate valuation and completing timely regulatory reports is a key part of the overall challenge.

The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets

Are spreadsheets best for risk management? Perhaps not always. A report from Allegro,
"The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets," explains how CTRM software could be right for your business.

Allegro for Petroleum Refining

Handling everything around refining could be done with spreadsheets or with legacy systems that have been forced together over the years. But today, that hardly makes sense, especially considering there’s a far better way: A reliable, adaptable and modern energy trading and risk management software platform built for the needs of crude oil refineries. Allegro is such a system. With Allegro, refineries can manage transactions, inventories, fractionation, rebranding, run-ticket capture and production forecasts, and also calculate volumes and profitability across multiple feedstocks and products.

For more than three decades, Allegro has been chosen by energy companies to improve their commodity risk management, efficiency, accuracy and profitability. Whether customers are upstream, midstream or, in the case of refining, downstream, the Allegro commodities trading software solution is made for energy organizations.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

Since its founding in 1984, Allegro has been working directly alongside energy companies to enhance their business. That means our team knows the challenges they face, from the extraction processes through completion of refined products. Our experience is what makes Allegro the logical choice to serve as your commodity risk management partner.

Deciding on Allegro will mean more power over your refining business, but you may need to build a strong case to get internal support from the executive staff. Contact us today, and we can give you that case. With Allegro’s commodities trading software, you’ll be positioning yourself for the future of refinery management, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Petroleum Refining Trading

With Allegro, benefits for oil traders include:

  • – The ability to set up multiple trading templates, which can be tailored to a specific trading profile
  • – Accurate calculations of position and P&L for each trading day
  • – View of metrics by book, trader and any aggregation thereof
  • – Opportunity to expand volume and revenue
  • – Trade strategy analysis with market data
  • – Integration with exchanges and exchange trading

Petroleum Refining Risk Management

Allegro mitigates the risk of human error, including mistakes that place the wrong information into the system. Benefits of Allegro’s software for oil refining include:

  • – Tracking and valuation of all commodities and their costs
  • – Automated data collection and entry
  • – Greater insight and position visibility
  • – Physical, financial and inventory valuations for the entire deal life cycle

Petroleum Refining Logistics and Operations

Managing feedstock and maximizing purchasing decisions is one of the key benefits of Allegro. Other benefits of our software include:

  • – Ability to handle multiple modes of transportation, including truck and rail
  • – Accurately tracking deliveries and inventories at multiple locations
  • – Monitoring the fuel levels available in tanks
  • – Automation of labor-intensive tasks associated with handling logistical movements
  • – Advanced decision-support tools
  • – Ability to import truck ticket data from T4 into the system

Petroleum Refining Accounting and Compliance

For compliance and accounting teams involved in refining, Allegro’s software has a number of benefits, including:

  • – Enhanced, comprehensive controls
  • – Reduced risk of regulatory compliance errors
  • – Automated settlement processes

Built for Petroleum Refining

Crude oil refining processes are typically highly automated to ensure efficiency. But what about managing the processes around feedstock procurement and delivery, and doing so in a way that reduces costs and maximizes performance? That's where Allegro comes in. Because refineries perform best when they're operating near full capacity, it only makes sense to have a software solution that's up to the task. Allegro is made for this.

Additionally, Allegro comes with the flexibility to be deployed on-site or run from the cloud, and it can be extended as needed without customers having to wait for a formal upgrade cycle. That's a powerful advantage that enables refineries to quickly respond to change.

Further, Allegro is made to work across the entire enterprise. That means front, middle and back office employees can count on having a comprehensive commodity risk management software system that will enable them to function better within their own groups and with other stakeholders around the organization. If you're not working with Allegro already, let's have a discussion today.

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