Crude Oil Marketing

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Even today, too many crude oil marketers use spreadsheets or patchwork systems to run their desks. Unfortunately, that approach can have a negative impact on the bottom line - potentially every day. The simple fact is that commodity companies often could be doing more to maximize the productivity and profitability of their marketing teams.

Trading & Risk Management Software: Buy or Build?

While you might be thinking about developing your own software for commodity management in-house,
you have to consider whether doing so makes the most sense. A report from Allegro, "Build vs. Buy,"
explains how a CTRM system may be the right decision instead.

Allegro for Crude Oil Marketing

Crude oil marketing should be about efficiency, not about spending unnecessary time in spreadsheets or other antiquated methods to keep track of deals. The wrong system, the type that was built for a different era, can consume far too much time, and even worse, increase the likelihood of errors. However, with a more consistent and accurate view of their activities, crude oil marketers instead have the opportunity to enhance their profitability.

Allegro’s commodity risk management software platform is made to simplify the process for marketers, while at the same time enhancing their speed and accuracy. Our adaptable, advanced, yet still easy-to-use software is delivered with the assurance that it will help provide a competitive advantage with every deal.

For crude oil marketers, each market day can have a significant influence on corporate profitability. Allegro’s commodity trading and risk management system is designed to make sure opportunities aren’t lost.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

For more than three decades, Allegro has been working to address the demands placed on commodity companies. We know the uncertainties these businesses face every day. When crude oil marketers choose Allegro, they’ll be getting a partner who knows just what they need to manage the deal life cycle.

Making the move to Allegro as your commodity risk management software provider will give you more control over your operations and lead to deeper understanding across the marketing division. However, you may first have to build a strong internal case to gain executive support. Talk to us, and we’ll help you form that case. Allegro, after all, is how you’ll position yourself for the future of crude oil marketing, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Crude Oil Marketing

Allegro makes many tasks easier, including those related to crude oil marketing. Benefits of Allegro include:

  • – Automation of the labor-intensive tasks associated with handling logistical movements and actualizing those movements, in addition to automating blending and settlements
  • – Greater accuracy and reduced resource requirements
  • – Modern, market-ready platform meant to improve gross margins

Crude Oil Marketing Logistics and Operations

Allegro enables increased efficiency when managing physical movements. Benefits of the software include:

  • – Workflow automation, which provides schedulers with advanced decision-support tools
  • – Volumetric, product quality, shipment status, cost and location data
  • – Once receipts and deliveries are matched, mileage or zone-based logistics costs will be forecast based on ticket volumes

Crude Oil Marketing Risk Management

Mitigating risk becomes much more efficient with Allegro. Some of the benefits of the platform include:

  • – Automated retrieval of credit information to help manage counterparty credit risk for current and future exposures
  • – Counterparty margining, scoring and credit limit management
  • – Accurate and timely valuation of positions
  • – More up-to-date visibility into positions
  • – Insight into exposure and P&Ls

Crude Oil Marketing Accounting and Compliance

For accounting and compliance departments, Allegro offers benefits such as:

  • – The ability to calculate a wide range of complex prices and fees
  • – Generation of accurate pre-settlement statements
  • – A structured approval process for settlements
  • – Automated revision process for prior period adjustments
  • – Validity checks, including matching key fields, and flagging of records with potential actualization or settlement issues

Built for Crude Oil Marketing

Crude oil marketers have to match supply and demand, get the best price possible and manage imbalances. Allegro is the way to achieve this and more. Marketers will find that, as the requirements of their business shift, Allegro's ability to be customized and extended will keep them from getting left behind amid constantly changing markets. Oil marketing professionals are increasingly challenged to find better ways to manage their portfolios and reduce costs, and Allegro's CTRM software is the system to choose, for the simplest deals, as well as the most complicated.

Plus, because Allegro understands that many parts of commodity organizations are intertwined, our solution is meant to benefit the entire company. As a result, customers will find that Allegro's CTRM solution has been constructed the right way, seamlessly connecting marketers with middle and back office teams. So talk to us today about what we can do for your business and your commodity risk management requirements.

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