Crude Oil & Natural Gas

CTRM software for the front, middle and back office

Supply and demand imbalances in recent years have caused extreme price volatility throughout the crude oil and natural gas markets, creating a challenging operating environment for oil and gas companies. Navigating this environment demands robust, highly configurable technology - technology such as Allegro's energy trading software.

Trading & Risk Management Software: Buy or Build?

While you might be thinking about developing your own software for commodity management in-house,
you have to consider whether doing so makes the most sense. A report from Allegro, "Build vs. Buy,"
explains how a CTRM system may be the right decision instead.

Allegro for Oil & Gas

Allegro’s energy trading and risk management software is purpose-built for upstream, midstream and downstream businesses, as well as for integrated energy companies. Allegro is designed to handle the trading, valuation, risk management, logistics and scheduling, inventory, accounting and settlement functions that are standard to the crude oil and natural gas industries. What this means is that, with Allegro software, customers gain a complete view of their portfolio across the entire commodity processing chain, improving productivity, risk management, compliance and profitability.

By relying on Allegro’s expertise, oil and gas companies gather the insights they need to better understand and manage their business, without the need to turn to multiple systems or spreadsheets.


Trusted for Over 30 Years

For the oil and gas companies of today, having a commodity risk management partner that can be trusted is critical to having an efficient business. We want to be that partner. After all, we’ve spent more than three decades helping our customers manage their energy trades and risk with our commodity trading and risk management platform.

We believe the decision to implement Allegro is the right one. With our technology, you’ll gain more control over your crude oil and natural gas operations. But before you can start, you’ll likely need a detailed use case to gain executive support. Have a conversation with us, and we can give you that case. When you use Allegro commodities trading software, you’ll be in position for the future of oil and gas management, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Oil & Gas Trading

Allegro can be employed to manage contract and trading life cycles from start to finish. Key benefits include:

  • – Increased visibility
  • – Effective hedging strategies
  • – Capture and confirmation of trades
  • – In-depth data analysis
  • – Full trade-to-cash tracking for accurate profit and loss reporting

Oil & Gas Logistics and Operations

Allegro handles logistics for all the major modes of transportation. It tracks inventories for crude oil and natural gas and manages the processes that support logistics and operations. Key benefits include:

  • – Uploading of logistics tickets and automated actualization for associated movements
  • – Handling of pipeline, rail, truck, barge and vessel movements and any combination of transportation modes
  • – Tracking of inventory positions and values across multiple products at multiple locations
  • – Streamlined logistics data and calculations of inventory costs

Oil & Gas Risk Management

Reliable visibility into exposures, positions and limits is among the critical features of Allegro. Benefits of the platform include:

  • – Ability to identify and resolve imbalances with limits and alerts
  • – Increased insights into operations
  • – Automated workflows to help reduce errors

Oil & Gas Accounting and Compliance

With Allegro employed in the organization, accounting and compliance professionals will see benefits such as:

  •  – Automated settlement for payables and receivables
  • – Transaction- and inventory-tracking
  • – Complete view of the business
  • – Fewer manual processes needed

Built for Oil & Gas Professionals

Allegro offers crude oil and natural gas companies the flexibility to tailor and extend our software with a highly configurable, open architecture. This enables new functionality, such as the introduction of additional products or updates to mandated government reporting, to be implemented without a software upgrade cycle.

Our commodity risk management system is made to meet the demands of today's front, middle and back office oil and gas professionals, and we know that traders, compliance, operations and accounting managers will appreciate Allegro’s comprehensive view of logistics, inventories, positions, contracts and profitability. Plus, this functionality can be deployed on-site or in the cloud.

Allegro can be your competitive advantage, bringing with it multiple benefits for a complex organization. So talk to us today, and let us tell you more about what we can do for your commodity enterprise.

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