Oil & Gas Production

Allegro: Advanced software for the upstream business

The upstream oil and gas industry is characterized by complexity and constant change: Legal property ownership changes through acquisition, well interests are transferred regularly, production rates undergo alterations based on fluctuations in demand and commodity prices, by their nature, are volatile.

Trading & Risk Management Software: Buy or Build?

While you might be thinking about developing your own software for commodity management in-house,
you have to consider whether doing so makes the most sense. A report from Allegro, "Build vs. Buy,"
explains how a CTRM system may be the right decision instead.

Allegro for Oil & Gas Production

For oil and gas exploration and production professionals, what’s needed for this challenging environment is a technology platform that provides advanced functionality throughout the organization – land managers, drilling supervisors, production managers, traders, risk managers, accountants and compliance staff. That’s what Allegro does. Allegro’s commodity risk management software is made for today’s upstream operations, and it contains the flexibility to deal with the future requirements of E&P.

The modern upstream company has a better chance of succeeding with software that’s up to the task. Consider the fact that the amount of data necessary to manage production volumes, nominations, balancing and allocations back to well interest owners is susceptible to errors. In the past, producers have relied on spreadsheets or internally developed systems to try and manage these processes – and have suffered the consequences of the shortcomings inherent in such systems. Allegro is the answer for the 21st century.


Trusted for Over 30 Years

Allegro was founded in 1984 with the purpose of helping commodity customers manage their risk and their business. That remains our goal, every day. We know how critical it is for upstream companies to have a partner to count on – a partner who has their interests in mind as they navigate the uncertainties of the E&P world.

Making the move to Allegro’s commodities trading software system means you’ll have a powerful ally, and you’ll gain more control over your upstream business. However, you may need a strong business case in order to guarantee executive support. Reach out to us, and we can work with you on building that case.

The Benefits of Allegro

Oil & Gas Production Trading

With Allegro, traders have numerous benefits, giving them more opportunities to seek profits. Benefits of Allegro include:

  • – Less tedious loading of pricing information and curves, providing more time to actually trade
  • – Ability to view metrics by book or trader
  • – Timely and accurate valuation of positions
  • – Trade strategy analysis with market data and an easy-to-use grid architecture
  • – Integration with exchanges and exchange trading

Oil & Gas Production Logistics and Operations

Allegro is designed to monitor physical commodity movements, greatly aiding logistics teams. Benefits include:

  • – Accurately tracking and monitoring actuals and allocations
  • – Data management and enhanced reporting with built-in views to improve decision-making
  • – Pipeline nomination management
  • – Interest-owner and gas-balancing management
  • – Automated data capture and streaming functionality, from the wellhead to the first point of sale

Oil & Gas Production Risk Management

A critical part of Allegro is its understanding of the need to manage risk. Among the benefits are:

  • – Automated retrieval of credit information
  • – Greater position visibility
  • – Reduced risk of a customer making incorrect payments
  • – Ability to connect with multiple systems of record
  • – Lower operational risk by virtue of having an integrated, adaptable system

Oil & Gas Production Accounting and Compliance

Allegro can capture all the necessary transactional data surrounding distributions to interest owners. For accounting or compliance professionals, benefits include:

  • – Mitigated risk of regulatory compliance errors, therefore reducing the potential for penalties associated with being non-compliant
  • – Automation of labor intensive tasks such as revenue distribution, division of interest and severance taxes
  • – The ability to calculate a wide range of complex prices and fees
  • – A structured approval process for settlements, and an automated revision process for prior period adjustments

Built for Oil & Gas Production

Allegro is designed to make the complex business into a simpler one. Upstream companies face the considerable difficulty of managing production and monitoring and then managing the logistics to get their production to market. Allegro addresses virtually every aspect of the business, from gas marketing to plant management, risk management and pipeline scheduling, transport and actualization, along with equity production, property, production management, revenue, authorizations for expenditures and joint-interest billing.

Each month, producer companies need to forecast production for the next month, while managing production changes for the current month and reconciling actual production for prior months. When upstream customers turn to Allegro's commodity risk management software, they'll find an easier way to manage gas balancing using division orders and information regarding marketing arrangements to determine the appropriate entitlements by interest owner. Allegro is able to calculate interest owner entitlements for daily estimated nominations by calculating the volumes and applying applicable division of interest information. In addition, actual volumes are calculated and captured in the system from meter readings. Actual volumes are allocated back to the well and owner levels. With that, Allegro will also support prior-period adjustments.

Plus, Allegro can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. Because of its flexibility, our CTRM software can meet a customer's specific needs, and it can be extended without having to wait for a new upgrade cycle. With Allegro, front, middle and back office teams will be able to focus on what's important.

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