Natural Gas Utilities

Allegro: The solution for retail natural gas operations

Managing supply and demand is a critical aspect of the retail gas market, and in order to optimize processes, companies need the appropriate tools to improve decision-making and gain complete visibility across the enterprise. That's what Allegro's commodity trading and risk management platform provides.

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Allegro for Natural Gas Utilities

Allegro is a comprehensive, integrated software platform designed for the complexities of trading and commodity risk management. With Allegro, gas utility companies gain the ability to generate demand forecasts, accurately capture usage for customers and manage balancing in order to avoid penalties.

In other words, Allegro has the functionality that gas utilities require to make better decisions and more accurate assessments of their entire operation. Because Allegro has been providing support for commodity producers, buyers, sellers and consumers for more than three decades, we understand the natural gas utility business and what it needs to be at its most efficient.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

Allegro, and its CTRM system, has been helping commodity customers manage their businesses better since its founding in 1984. That goal continues to drive us today. We know how critical it is for natural gas utilities to have a partner to count on, and our commodity risk management software is built with these customers in mind.

Making the move to Allegro’s commodities trading software means you’ll have a powerful ally, and you’ll gain more control over your gas utility business. However, you may need a strong business case in order to garner executive support. Contact us, and we’ll help you build that case.

The Benefits of Allegro

Natural Gas Utilities Trading

For traders, the Allegro platform provides enhanced ways to find opportunities in the market and to act on them quickly. Among the benefits are:

  • – Detailed position management, including visibility into pricing moves
  • – Integration with trading platforms, increasing productivity
  • – Efficient and accurate trade capture of physical and financial transactions
  • – Increased visibility into your business to enable better decisions

Natural Gas Utilities Logistics and Operations

Allegro comes with the built-in capabilities to help logistics and operations teams by offering benefits such as:

  • – Analysis of data and information throughout the position life cycle
  • – Usage management for easy capture of historical and actual retail gas usage
  • – Ability to ensure a shipper’s authorization to transport gas to the end user
  • – Generation and tracking of storage plans to automatically adjust and account for Maximum Daily Quantities, storage ratchets and capacity release
  • – Built-in confirmation reports to confirm third-party nominations with mainline pipeline nominations

Natural Gas Utilities Risk Management

Allegro offers an array of benefits for risk management professionals, including:

  • – Risk management and valuation data, including integrated credit, market and operations risk
  • – Accurate, efficient and comprehensive tracking of physical and financial positions
  • – Mark-to-market and value-at-risk calculation capabilities
  • – Profit-and-loss reports showing total value of positions

Natural Gas Utilities Accounting and Compliance

For accounting and compliance personnel, Allegro can help in assuring business processes are running as they should. Among the benefits are:

  • – Reduction in financial losses due to inaccurate settlement statements
  • – Support for reporting requirements, such as those of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, including ASC 820, and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • – Control, accuracy, timeliness and security that senior management requires to certify financial reports with confidence
  • – Tracking of the complete compliance business process, including reporting status with a comprehensive audit trail

Built for Natural Gas Utilities

Natural gas utilities employing Allegro will find that its capabilities take the business to a new level of efficiency. Allegro provides local distribution companies (LDCs) and municipalities with the capability to capture and manage meter- and pool-level data for residential, commercial and industrial customers. With Allegro, users can collect detailed consumption data, which in turn enables these customers to improve their forecasting.

However, Allegro's strengths don't stop there. While our solution is designed for extraordinary flexibility right out of the box, it can also be extended as needed, making for an even more powerful platform. Plus, Allegro can be installed on-site or in the cloud, depending on a customer's preference.

Our commodity risk management software has been developed by experienced professionals who know the commodities market and what makes it run. For gas utilities, Allegro provides the ability drill down into the data, allowing for complete position visibility. Once it's installed, natural gas customers will see multiple benefits, across the organization. Talk to us today, and we'll get you started.

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