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Allegro: Software for the new world of energy

Energy utilities all around the world are coping with considerable changes in how energy is produced, transmitted and ultimately used by the consumer. Business models that have been in place for decades are being upended by new rules and shifts in supply, namely the rising use of natural gas and renewable energy sources.

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Allegro for Integrated Utilities

The manner in which electricity is managed is evolving rapidly. That means new ways of thinking are necessary. Integrated utilities need a solution that can work now and grow with them as operations change. With Allegro’s commodity risk management software, that’s what they’ll get.

Electricity isn’t only the product of a coal-fired power plant any longer, not with gas, wind, hydro, solar and other sources playing larger roles. Allegro’s commodity trading and risk management technology is designed to help customers manage this new reality. Allegro understands change because we’ve been serving commodity companies for more than 30 years, and with our solution on your side, your utility will be ready for today, as well as tomorrow.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

Allegro was founded more than three decades ago so that commodity buyers, sellers, producers and consumers could better and more efficiently manage their businesses. For integrated utilities, and the changing world in which they operate, Allegro’s CTRM software has never been more necessary than it is now.

We know you need a dependable partner. Making the move to Allegro’s commodities trading software means you’ll have a powerful ally, and you’ll gain more control over your utility business. However, you may need a strong business case in order to gain executive support. Contact us, and we’ll help you to begin building that case today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Integrated Utilities Trading

With Allegro, traders will gain the deal capture, decision-support tools and market insight they need to find profit-making opportunities, expand margins and manage a greater volume of physical and financial deals. Benefits include:

  • – Ability to capture trades with unique fields such as Control Area, Blocks and ISO participant information
  • – Manage positions throughout life cycle (trade, forecast, plan, tag, loss, schedule and actuals)
  • – Flexibility in capturing complex pricing, price formulas and curves

Integrated Utilities Logistics and Operations

Logistics professionals can effectively manage their business, from trade capture to confirmation. Allegro’s benefits include:

  • – Support for the European power scheduling processes, including balancing between grids
  • – Load shapes, counterparty checkout, actualization, pool balancing, direct and indirect bookouts
  • – Ability to create user-defined power products, such as energy, capacity and ancillaries

Integrated Utilities Risk Management

For risk managers, valuation reports provide a view of the full portfolio across all commodities and transaction types, including physical and financial trades. Benefits include:

  • – Risk management and valuation data, including integrated credit, market and operations risk
  • – Accurate, efficient and comprehensive tracking of physical and financial positions.
  • – Mark-to-market calculations, providing the total value of a portfolio
  • – Comparisons against correlated value-at-risk limits for rolling time periods

Integrated Utilities Accounting and Compliance

Allegro allows you to validate physical, financial and other information associated with commodity transactions and logistical movements, across trading, contracts, logistics, hedge and net valuation support processes. Benefits include:

  • – Tracking of the complete compliance business process, including reporting status with a comprehensive audit trail
  • – Automated report preparation for reduced compliance costs and improved efficiency
  • – Ability to access data for regulatory compliance reporting, such as FERC Electric Quarterly Report

Built for Integrated Utilities

Using Allegro's commodity risk management software, the entire life cycle of power, from the acquisition of fuels to marketing and trading, can be managed. Physical and financial positions, including fuel, transmission, swaps, options and structured transactions can be captured, providing decision-makers with a comprehensive view of their portfolios. At the same time, updated profit-and-loss statements, volumes, risk metrics, exposures and other key indicators can be tracked.

Allegro has broad functional capabilities, and one of the platform's hallmarks is its flexibility. Even though it's a powerful solution right out of the box, Allegro can be extended as needed by individual customers, without having to wait on an upgrade cycle. Also, it can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. In other words, you decide what suits you.

From generation through consumption, integrated utilities and their front, middle and back office teams can turn to Allegro's trading and risk management software and count on it to make their jobs simpler. The benefits, when they do, will be realized throughout the organization and across teams. Let's talk today about how Allegro can change your business.

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