Integrated Oil & Gas

A complex business requires modern, adaptable CTRM software

With the volatility in crude oil and natural gas prices, plus the demands surrounding exploration, feedstock-procurement and distribution, it's clear the world's integrated oil and gas companies have to manage tremendous commodity risk and complexity across their upstream, midstream and downstream operations. Each day, they deal with an extraordinary amount of data, and they face the logistical challenges of moving products from production to market, while simultaneously attempting to reduce operational costs.

They have options for how to oversee it all, but what's the best approach?

The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets

Are spreadsheets best for risk management? Perhaps not always. A report from Allegro,
"The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets," explains how CTRM software could be right for your business.

Allegro for Integrated Oil & Gas

Energy companies know they must be able to take advantage of future opportunities. This is where Allegro, which has long been the leader in commodities trading software, can help. Customers are able to easily move from single to multiple commodities, quickly and cost effectively, with a platform that integrates comprehensive commodity risk management processes, from transaction and contract management to valuation, settlement and reporting.

Spreadsheets and legacy systems won’t suffice for today’s markets. What’s needed instead is a modern and adaptable crude oil and natural gas trading and risk management software solution. That’s what Allegro CTRM software is. Allegro has developed a software platform that’s capable of handling the ongoing demands and strains of real-world activities in oil and gas. Allegro handles the most complex cross-commodity transactions, scheduling and logistical challenges, while maintaining positions and balances and optimizing product movements.

Trusted for Over 30 Years

If you’re an integrated oil and gas company, having a CTRM software partner you can trust is crucial. We know this, because we’ve spent more than three decades helping our customers with trading and commodity risk management through our software.

The choice of Allegro is the right one. With our commodities trading software, you’ll gain more control over your oil and gas business. However, before you can get started, you may need to present an informed use case to gain executive support for the implementation of a CTRM software system. We can give you that use case. When you decide on Allegro, you’ll be positioning your organization for the future of oil and gas management, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Integrated Crude Oil & Natural Gas Trading

With Allegro software, crude oil and natural gas traders will see a number of benefits, including:

  • – Increased visibility into transactions
  • – In-depth analysis of various data sets
  • – Capture and confirmation of all trades
  • – Full trade-to-cash tracking for accurate P&L reporting
  • – Trade strategy analysis with market data
  • – Integration with exchanges and exchange trading

Integrated Oil & Gas Logistics and Operations

For the logistics side of the integrated oil and gas business, Allegro offers benefits such as:

  • – Handling of logistics for all the major modes of transportation, including pipeline, rail, truck, barge and vessel
  • – Uploading of logistics tickets and automated actualization for associated movements
  • – Tracking of inventory positions and values across multiple products at multiple locations
  • – Streamlined data and calculations of costs
  • – Ability to import truck ticket data from T4

Integrated Oil & Gas Risk Management

With risk mitigation as one of its key components, Allegro offers a number of benefits, including:

  • – Reliable view of exposures, positions and limits
  • – Ability to identify and resolve imbalances
  • – Deeper insight into numerous aspects of operations
  • – Automated workflows to help reduce the risk of errors
  • – Physical, financial and inventory valuations for the deal lifecycle

Integrated Oil & Gas Accounting and Compliance

Accounting and compliance professionals using Allegro will gain benefits such as:

  • – Replacement of manual processes with an integrated, automated system
  • – Automated settlement for payables and receivables
  • – Tracking of transactions and inventories

Built for Integrated Oil & Gas Operations

Allegro's software allows for confident business management when times are calm and for responsiveness when they're less so. In the crude oil and natural gas realm, the environment can change quickly. Allegro will keep you ready. That's because it's a commodity risk management software system designed for the oil and gas markets of today - and in the future. For front, middle and back office teams, Allegro will have you prepared for commercial and operational success.

Our platform has extraordinary flexibility, and it can be deployed either on-site or in the cloud. Once the decision is made on which route to take, integrated oil and gas companies will have the ability to customize and extend the software as needed, owing to its configurability and open architecture. In-house or legacy systems simply can't compare with Allegro's extensibility.

What this means for customers who work with Allegro is they gain the ability to implement new functionality quickly, rather than having to wait on a software upgrade cycle. No matter where you are in the oil and gas enterprise, you'll find numerous benefits when you rely on Allegro for your CTRM needs - that applies to traders, risk managers, logistics managers, accountants and others throughout the company. Let us tell you more today.

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