Chemical Manufacturing

The software solution for feedstock procurement

The demand for chemicals is driven by many factors, including long-term demographics, economic cycles, government regulations and new uses. Often, these changes occur quickly, and for chemical manufacturers, responding is a tremendous challenge that requires a powerful, yet flexible, system.

Preparing for Volatility in the Chemicals Sector

With uncertainty all around the globe, chemical manufacturers have to be prepared for swings in their feedstock costs. In a white paper from Allegro, we explain why a CTRM system could be the right way to manage risk.

Allegro For Chemical Manufacturing

Allegro is the ideal system for chemical manufacturing feedstock procurement for the companies manufacturing, trading and transporting a variety of chemicals. With Allegro, chemical makers get a purpose-built commodity risk management software solution, one that provides the broad view that’s essential for business optimization, feedstock management and improving financial results.

At Allegro, our commodity trading and risk management software is designed for front, middle and back office employees who want to enhance their visibility, risk mitigation and compliance capabilities in order to drive predictability and profitability. In short, Allegro is built to get chemical companies ready not only for today, but for what’s coming tomorrow, on the physical and the financial side.


Trusted for Over 30 Years

At Allegro, we understand that commodity companies need deep insight and the ability to manage complex operations without having to rely on a variety of systems and spreadsheets. Chemical manufacturers will find that our CTRM platform is engineered to manage chemical plant feedstock procurement, such as the ethane, propane or naphtha that’s needed for production.

We’ve been creating commodities trading software for more than three decades, and we know that traders, compliance departments and accounting managers in the chemical industry can all work better with Allegro’s comprehensive products and expertise on their side. Making the move to Allegro will mean more control over your business, but you may need a detailed use case to gain executive support. Talk to us today, because we can give you that use case.

The Benefits of Allegro

Chemicals Trading

Allegro can manage the entire contract and trading life cycle. Key benefits of the software include:

  • – Increased visibility into your business to improve decision making
  • – Capture and confirmation of physical and financial trades
  • – Comprehensive view from trade to cash
  • – Complete visibility of inputs and outputs throughout their lifecycles

Chemicals Logistics and Operations

Allegro manages chemical logistics for all modes of transportation, and it tracks inventories for feedstocks and chemical outputs. Among the benefits:

  • – Uploading and tracking of logistic tickets
  • – Scheduling and management of pipeline, rail, truck, barge and vessel movements
  • – Management of inventory positions and values at multiple locations
  • – Full tracking of costs and ability to analyze impact on profitability

Chemicals Risk Management

Visibility is at the core of Allegro for chemical manufacturing businesses. For risk managers, benefits include:

  • – Identifying and understanding imbalances
  • – Effective hedging strategies
  • – Understanding the impact on profitability of feedstock and chemical product price changes

Chemicals Accounting and Compliance

With Allegro, accounting and compliance professionals have a complete view of the business. Some of the benefits of are:

  • – Tracking of the complete compliance business process, including reporting status with a comprehensive audit trail
  • – Support for reporting requirements of Financial Accounting Standards Board, including ASC 820, and International Financial Reporting Standards, such as IFRS 9
  • – Accurate and timely production of settlements and invoicing
  • – Automation of manual processes

Built for Chemicals Professionals

Managing the complicated feedstock-procurement operations of a chemical manufacturer requires robust technology - and that's what the Allegro platform provides. Owing to the power of our system, chemical manufacturing companies employing Allegro can oversee a host of functions without the need for additional software or spreadsheets.

Plus, because we know it's critical that customers using Allegro have flexibility, our software can be tailored to your specifications, and it can be installed at your site or in the cloud. Allegro also can be reconfigured when added functionality is needed, without waiting for a full upgrade cycle.

What this means is that, with Allegro CTRM software, the benefits will be evident throughout your organization. So let's talk today about your solution. Let us tell you how Allegro can be put to work for your chemical company.

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