A comprehensive solution for ags trading and operations

The global agriculture industry is subject to constant change and unyielding pressure, whether that's from fluctuations in demand to unexpected severe weather impacts. Agriculture professionals have to be prepared to respond quickly, while still planning for the future. That's where Allegro's commodity risk management software comes in.

Allegro for Agriculture

Allegro is purpose-built commodity trading and risk management software for companies manufacturing, trading, marketing, transporting and storing agricultural products, such as oilseeds and grains. From the source to the end customer, Allegro provides visibility, risk mitigation and compliance that drives predictability and profitability.

Allegro works across the commodity spectrum, and it’s designed to help companies better understand and manage their portfolio. For agriculture companies, that means they can manage functions such as credit and risk without the need for multiple systems or spreadsheets. That’s important when responding to changing demand and managing operations. The proper approach requires sophisticated and flexible technology – that’s Allegro CTRM software.


Trusted for over 30 years

Having a partner you can trust is paramount – we know because we’ve spent more than 30 years managing trading and risk by providing a purpose-built, integrated, real-time commodity risk management platform. For agriculture companies, making the move to Allegro for CTRM will mean more control and better business processes. But first you’ll need a detailed use case to gain executive support for the transition.

Reach out to learn more about Allegro and how we can help you build your business case. With Allegro’s commodities trading software, you’ll position yourself for the future of agriculture management, today.

The Benefits of Allegro

Agriculture Trading

Agriculture traders have a single platform to seamlessly manage their needs when they use Allegro. Our software will allow traders to:

  • – Simulate profit and loss
  • – Manage physical, paper, futures and options trades
  • – Identify circle, washout, bypass and string opportunities
  • – Plan hedging strategies
  • – Gain visibility into positions, exposures and profit and loss

Agriculture Risk Management

Risk management professionals will gain a detailed view into agriculture transactions and market-related risks. Among the benefits:

  • – Proactive risk management through comprehensive limits
  • – Track daily profit and loss movements
  • – Support for traceability throughout the supply chain
  • – Alerts can be triggered on specified events
  • – Workflow manager to track and manage critical operational events

Agriculture Accounting and Compliance

For agriculture accounting and compliance professionals, Allegro offers benefits including:

  • – Straight-through processing from trade to financial document generation
  • – Ability to track and settle payables and receivables and to track status of bank documents
  • – Counterparty and credit risk management
  • – Complete view of realized profit and loss
  • – Ability to manage local taxation requirements

Built for Agriculture Professionals

Allegro is a platform for the business of today and tomorrow. It offers a comprehensive, integrated, web-based commodity risk management platform designed to help agriculture businesses manage, control and gain a complete view of their portfolios.

With Allegro, customers will gain tremendous flexibility. We can tailor our software to your needs, while installing your system on-site or in the cloud. Plus, Allegro's CTRM software is adaptable and efficient. It can be reconfigured when added functionality is needed, without requiring a full upgrade cycle. Because of our broad capabilities, front, middle and back office commodity professionals will benefit from using Allegro. Take a moment to talk to us today about what we can do for you and your agriculture business.

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