What Is CTRM?

Today's Commodity Solution

A dedicated commodity trading and risk management software system could dramatically change the way you make decisions.

For years, commodity traders, risk managers, accountants, schedulers and many other professionals have relied on a software system to help them run their operations. That could mean spreadsheets. It could be in-house systems built from the ground up. It could be third-party software. It might mean a combination of two or more.

But in today’s business environment, these methods may no longer be the ideal approach. That’s especially true when considering the modern, powerful and commodity-specific systems that are available. One type of system is known as commodity trading and risk management software, or CTRM.

Once you begin to understand more about what CTRM systems do, especially compared with spreadsheets or aging, proprietary systems, you may start to consider one of these platforms and what it could do for your company.

The Purpose of CTRM Solutions

CTRM systems are meant to replace the spreadsheets and legacy platforms that were made for another time, not built for the complications posed by the current markets. CTRM solutions are designed to make managing a commodity business efficient and profitable by providing a single system through which front, middle and back office employees can monitor and complete their work.

In short, CTRM software (sometimes it’s referred to as energy trading and risk management software, or ETRM), is the backbone of a modern commodity business.

Depending on your goals, where you operate and what you need your work force to focus on, a CTRM could make perfect sense. In some cases, these software platforms specialize in one commodity or commodity type, while others are capable of handling multiple commodities. Some might concentrate on a particular country or region, whereas others could be global. Whether a business is centered on crude oil, natural gas, coal, refined products, power, chemicals, grains or metals, a CTRM contains functionality that vastly exceeds competing products.

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