Risk Management

Allegro for Risk Management

Minimizing exposure for maximum profit.

Too many times, commodity companies know they need sound risk management, but they suffer from poor data quality and latencies brought on by the disparate systems or spreadsheets they're accustomed to using. When that's the case, their exposure can get hidden, and the risks around trading, logistics and accounting increase considerably.

Whether your enterprise is using loosely integrated solutions, legacy in-house software or years-old spreadsheets, Allegro will give you a new way to think about risk management and a new way of operating. With Allegro, you'll be getting an integrated commodity trading platform that allows for comprehensive physical and financial data management, in turn improving the risk mitigation capabilities throughout your organization.

Allegro's commodity risk management software empowers risk managers by giving them the visibility they need to address potential problems before they spread. Specifically, managers will be able to drill down into their exposure to market, counterparty and credit risk by leveraging third-party pricing and credit data, which will translate into real-time insight, KPI reporting and decision support, leading to better P&L management.

The world has only become more complex. That means the time for a proper risk management system is now.


The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets

Are spreadsheets best for risk management? Perhaps not always. A report from Allegro,
"The Hidden Risk of Spreadsheets," explains how CTRM software could be right for your business.

Built for Risk Management

Risk affects every enterprise, from utilities to manufacturing. Today’s sophisticated and capital-intensive markets demand up-to-the-minute, complete information on the financial and physical state of portfolios containing multiple commodities, financial instruments and currencies.

Allegro is the way to capture and understand this information. With more than three decades of experience working alongside commodity customers, Allegro knows what the companies we serve need, including on the risk management side.

Risk is constant. It may change form, but it's always there, and businesses have to manage it. With Allegro, risk management is an essential part of our industry-leading solution that's made for the requirements of complex organizations. The benefits, once our CTRM software is implemented, are significant.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Risk Management for Trading

    Risk Management for Trading

    Risk Management for Trading

    Empowered by Allegro’s modern architecture, traders can view trade stats from internal and external sources, including logistics data, pricing sources and commodity exchanges. Other benefits for traders include:

    • Flexibility to customize dashboard views and set alert engines
    • Automated trade entry from major exchanges and clearing facilities
    • Rapid deal entry blotter
    • Streamlined integration with third-party libraries or custom valuation routines
  • Risk Management for Risk Professionals

    Risk Management for Risk Professionals

    Risk Management for Risk Professionals

    Allegro’s risk management tool provides credit, market and operational risk functionality in one integrated platform. Benefits for risk managers include:

    • Risk management and valuation data, including integrated credit, market and operations risk
    • Limit verifications for pre-trade analysis
    • Standard analytic and simulation models
    • Stress-testing and “what-if” analysis