Position Visibility

360° Position Visibility

A single source of truth for real-time insights.

Knowing which action to take, and when, requires insights. These insights come from accumulating data from subsidiaries in different locations, trade desks, departments and multiple roles throughout an organization. But then what? Being in possession of information is only part of the equation. The challenge becomes to integrate, organize, report and respond. In brief, that's what position visibility is all about.

However, even if that sounds straightforward, having the right solution for business in today's world is anything but simple. This is where Allegro's software for commodity trading risk management comes in. Organizations that are dependent on disparate legacy systems, software developed in-house or spreadsheets for their commodity management are exposing themselves to greater risk than ever. Allegro provides the remedy by empowering the front office, middle office and back office with one unified platform for managing positions.

It does this by serving as the integrated commodity risk management software solution your company needs. With Allegro, you'll get greater insights into all of your positions, across the business. We can make this promise because, for more than 30 years, we've been helping our customers manage commodities and improve their position visibility.


How to Choose a CTRM System

You're considering a commodity trading risk management system to gain greater business transparency. But which one do you choose? With the white paper "How to Choose a CTRM System," you'll learn the right questions to ask.

Built for Position Visibility

With Allegro, every critical role within a business can see what they need to see and act wisely thanks to the insights provided by our software. The result is better management, controlled exposure and optimized value.

Allegro's CTRM software, based on more than three decades of experience, has the needs of commodity customers in mind. Our award-winning commodity trading risk management platform, which can be deployed on-site or in the cloud, is highly customizable and can be extended easily by in-house teams.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Allegro is that it's a multipurpose tool that will increase efficiency throughout a company. Allegro is made for traders, accounting departments, compliance and risk management teams, as well as logistics departments. That's why when we talk about serving as a single source of truth for commodity position visibility, we mean it.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Position Visibility for Trading

    Position Visibility for Trading

    Position Visibility for Trading

    Delayed or incorrect position reports, incomplete pricing data or unknown exposure due to disparate data streams or changes in logistics hinder effective trading decisions. With Allegro, traders will experience:

    • Fewer missed trading opportunities
    • A powerful framework for enhanced decision-making
    • Reduction in trading roadblocks
  • Position Visibility for Logistics and Operations

    Position Visibility for Logistics and Operations

    Position Visibility for Logistics and Operations

    The linkage between the physical logistics of managing commodities and the profitability of their trade is significant. That’s where position visibility matters. With Allegro, you’ll get:

    • Complete transparency from the trade through scheduling and on to settlement
    • Support for all the major modes of transportation
    • Ability to optimize capacity
    • The means to readily incorporate tariff and commodity rate changes
    • Potential to improve profitability
  • Position Visibility for Risk Management

    Position Visibility for Risk Management

    Position Visibility for Risk Management

    Managing market price and counterparty risk limits within the complex commodity landscape requires risk managers to be empowered with insightful, holistic information across multiple currencies, commodities and instruments. Benefits of Allegro include:

    • Consolidated cross-functional data into an integrated platform
    • Unified reporting on credit, market and operational risk
    • Advanced “what-if” scenario modeling
    • Management of deals from capture, to confirmation, to invoice and general ledger reporting
  • Position Visibility for Accounting and Compliance

    Position Visibility for Accounting and Compliance

    Position Visibility for Accounting and Compliance

    The globalization of commodity trading has created a mix of complicated financial reporting and tax requirements. Allegro has the ability to simplify this. Benefits of our software include:

    • Support for end-to-end, forecast-to-actual workflows
    • Simplified financial management and commodity accounting without double entry
    • Actualization and settlement
    • Reduction in amount of required manual effort
    • Increased assurance in accuracy of calculations