Derivatives Regulation

Allegro for Derivatives Regulation

With Allegro's CTRM software, you can better manage your requirements around the globe.

Worldwide, government regulators are changing the way enterprises report, clear, track and manage power and gas trading and all traded derivatives. In the U.S. and Europe, rules have been instituted mandating that generic products must be centrally cleared and that all other derivative transactions have to be reported to trade repositories to ensure transparency and marketplace accountability.

How your organization responds will greatly affect your ability to implement hedging strategies and operate efficiently. Allegro, with more than three decades of experience as a leader in commodity trading and risk management software, is built to be the solution for managing the complex world of derivative regulations, both today and tomorrow.

Allegro is committed to ensuring that energy market participants can achieve accurate, cost-effective and timely compliance in any jurisdiction. No matter where you do business, Allegro's derivative regulation capabilities will greatly enhance your compliance in a constantly evolving world.


How to Choose a CTRM System

You're considering a commodity trading risk management system to gain greater business transparency. But which one do you choose? With the white paper "How to Choose a CTRM System," you'll learn the right questions to ask.

Built for Derivatives Regulation

Allegro's integrated, real-time CTRM software will prepare your organization to effectively cope with the host of global trading regulations you'll encounter. Because Allegro has customers in mind, you can be assured you'll have a compliance-ready solution, right out of the box. With our platform, you'll reduce errors and streamline your trade reporting, confirmation and reconciliation processes, while gaining full support for system updates as the regulatory landscape takes shape.

At the same time, one of Allegro's strengths is the flexibility it offers users. It can be installed on-site or in the cloud, and it can be extended quickly without customers having to wait on a full, formal upgrade cycle. That can be especially important as rules and market mandates shift.

With Allegro, everything you need to track your compliance business process, including reporting status and comprehensive audit trails, is provided. Once you have our CTRM software, you'll find that you have the best option for meeting today's challenging regulatory requirements. For the front, middle and back office, Allegro benefits the entire organization.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Derivatives Regulation for Trading

    Derivatives Regulation for Trading

    Derivatives Regulation for Trading


    With Allegro, the benefits for traders needing to comply with derivatives regulation include:

    • Ability to import and view trade and valuation data
    • Achievement of accuracy in trade records with the ability to easily import and integrate data from external systems
    • Improved timeliness of position data and completeness of reports submitted to trade repositories
    • Automated data aggregation that saves time by eliminating the need to re-key data
  • Derivatives Regulation Risk Management

    Derivatives Regulation Risk Management

    Derivatives Regulation Risk Management

    With Allegro, businesses can actively mitigate their risk. Among the benefits of our software are:

    • Standard reports to facilitate easy monitoring of positions against the clearing threshold
    • Notification when positions are being approached or when the threshold has been exceeded
    • Improved accuracy of data prior to submission, which gives risk managers confidence that they’re meeting regulations
    • Ability to identify discrepancies with trading parties and to expedite dispute resolution
  • Derivatives Regulation Accounting & Compliance

    Derivatives Regulation Accounting & Compliance

    Derivatives Regulation Accounting & Compliance


    For compliance teams and accounting personnel, Allegro has numerous benefits, including:

    • Support for the entire trade life cycle and tracking of all details
    • Conversion of trade data to conform to regulatory reporting standards
    • Increased efficiency in preparing trade data for submission
    • A flexible technology architecture that allows for adaptation to new regulatory requirements