Allegro for Controls

Purpose-built software to improve profitability and reduce exposure.

Enterprises worldwide have to put controls in place to ensure risk management thresholds are known and observed throughout the organization. The challenge comes when changes in risk profiles occur and information about those changes is delayed or inaccessible to managers and decision-makers.

With disjointed data flows, a company's exposure to risk increases dramatically, and, in a worst-case scenario, can lead to catastrophic losses. As a result, it's critical that all available information is integrated into a single platform, one that's capable of immediately alerting managers when they need to ensure losses are contained or that they know when to take profits.

Managing and understanding internal processes is a key part of what Allegro's commodity risk management software will enable customers to do. With Allegro, risk managers get a purpose-built, integrated commodity management software platform designed to greatly improve internal controls and audit functions.


How to Choose a CTRM System

You're considering a commodity trading risk management system to gain greater business transparency. But which one do you choose? With the white paper "How to Choose a CTRM System," you'll learn the right questions to ask.

Built for Controls

Over time, inefficiencies and inaccuracies ultimately lead to greater manual efforts when audit and compliance reports are being prepared. Allegro is designed to help accounting, risk and compliance professionals manage their lines of business by unifying information into a single location.

Allegro enables efficient tracking and completion of business processes, including contract negotiation, trade capture and confirmation. Our CTRM software platform also ensures integrity with appropriate controls at each step, adherence to corporate policies and compliance with government regulations.

What all this means is that, when Allegro is installed at your enterprise, the benefits will be seen across the board.

The Benefits of Allegro

  • Controls for Risk Management

    Controls for Risk Management

    Controls for Risk Management

    Risk managers working with Allegro can be confident they’ll have the controls they need. Benefits include:

    • A controls and risk management valuation engine, including integrated credit, market and operations risk
    • Pre-trade limit verification for trader and credit limits
    • Risk measurement tools, including covariance and Monte Carlo simulations
    • Option and real option valuation and analysis
  • Controls for Accounting and Compliance

    Controls for Accounting and Compliance

    Controls for Accounting and Compliance

    Complying with regulations around the globe becomes more efficient when a single source of information can be trusted. With Allegro, audit and compliance professionals will see benefits including:

    • Maximized human capital by allowing personnel to focus on creating value rather than manual tasks
    • Reduced risk of operational failure
    • Ability to manage and understand exposure
    • Reduced risk associated with unapproved transactions
    • Alleviation of penalties and fines for non-compliance