Allegro Analytics

Advanced Analytics for Commodity Management

The Integrated Platform for Multiple Commodities, Powered by Analytics

Allegro Analytics (formerly FEA Analytics) is the leading provider of risk analytics software for traders, risk managers, and quantitative analysts. Allegro Analytics covers thousands of different instruments and assets, giving customers the ability to model the breadth of their enterprise portfolios. In addition to a full suite of comprehensive analytic tools, Allegro Analytics boasts world-class analytical support provided by seasoned Ph.D. industry professionals.

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You're considering a commodity trading risk management system to gain greater business transparency. But which one do you choose? Download the Allegro Corporate Brochure to learn more about how Allegro is powered by Analytics.

Data-driven Organizations Stand to Gain the Most in a Complex and Volatile Market

The commodity industry is at a proverbial tipping point today. The market has never been more volatile, more complex, or more uncertain than it is now. Today, the organizations that stand to reap the most from this market volatility are using world-class analytics to lead to better physical asset optimization, portfolio pricing, option valuation, decision support, and risk management

Additionally, the volume of data in the world is growing at an unprecedented rate, but raw data alone is not enough for enhanced commodity management in today’s volatile market. The key to success lies in extracting knowledge from the data, which can be done with forward-compatible enterprise commodity management software and advanced analytics.

Did You Know?

94% of commodity businesses believe advanced analytics are key to future growth and 84% of commodity businesses are planning to improve their organizations’ analytics capabilities within the next 3 years

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