You want full accounting control. Allegro gives it to you.

Superior Financial Controls

Allegro's software is built for all of your accounting needs.

One of the greatest challenges in managing commodities-related risk is maintaining complete and accurate back office information. Allegro knows this, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive set of tools designed to integrate all of your data into a single application.

In effect, our software allows you to validate your physical, financial and other information associated with commodity transactions and logistical movements, from deal capture to settlement, across your trading, contracts, logistics and net valuation support processes. Here’s how Allegro’s accounting products can work for you:

  • Settlement: Provides the tools that settle and feed data to invoice physical, financial and other transactions associated with commodity transactions and logistical movements.
  • Contracts: Captures and manages all contract information across the enterprise and through the entire contract management lifecycle.
  • Price Management: Handles price indexes, commodity prices, forward curves and correlations.
  • Currency: Provides the solution to enable management of multiple currencies.
  • Net Valuation: Enables the valuation of inventory along with the ability to complete net forward, net back and profit margin calculations across commodities.
  • Hedge: Assists with hedge accounting and fair value disclosure requirements by providing robust tools for analysis and reporting such as financial instrument management, currency management and disclosure management.
  • Property: Streamlines management of property data, division orders, interest owners, conveyances and production forecasts for oil and natural gas production.
  • Revenue: Allows for revenue receipts to be allocated and ultimately distributed to interest owners, prepares revenue disbursements and supports regulatory reporting.

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