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Risk Management Solutions

Comprehensive Risk Management SolutionsToday’s sophisticated and capital intensive commodity markets demand risk management solutions that drive instantaneous transparency into portfolios containing multiple commodities, complex instruments and currencies. To reduce uncertainty and exposure in this volatile environment, energy and commodity companies must employ an integrated solution that can capture, measure and report on positions, in real-time, across complex portfolios. Allegro’s risk management solution provides credit, market and operations risk functionality in one integrated, stand-alone platform.

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  • Credit Risk - Delivers advanced credit monitoring, analysis, scoring and rating, and overall counterparty credit management to accurately measure current and future exposure along with using robust credit risk models to accurately rate counterparty credit scores in a timely manner.
  • Hedge - Assists with hedge accounting and fair value disclosure requirements by providing robust tools for analysis and reporting such as Financial Instrument Management, Currency Management, Interest Rate Management, Fair Value Management, Fair Value Option Management and Disclosure Management.
  • Currency - Provides the solution to enable management of multiple currencies including the ability to capture currency exchange rates and currency trading.
  • Price Management - Allegro Price captures and manages price indexes, commodity prices, forward curves, volatilities, and correlations.
  • Simulation - Provides a set of tools to help analyze the impact to exposure and profit and loss resulting from movements in the market.
  • Position - Allegro Position provides trading and risk management valuation metrics including mark to market, profit and loss, and position limits.
  • Option Analytics - Allegro Option Analytics supports trade capture and valuation of most standard and a variety of exotic option trade types applicable to the energy industry