Allegro Development Corporation


    EMEA Allegro Customer Summit
    15-17 June, 2015

    The W Hotel - Barcelona

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    Customer Q&A With Jason Liu

    Interim CEO of Allegro

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    Allegro is committed to the Energy and Commodity Trading Industry

    Join us at E-world energy & water - February 10th - 12th, 2015

    Messe Essen, Germany - Hall 3, Stand 3-152

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    Allegro Welcomes ISO Interaction Management into its Product Portfolio

    Simplifying ISO Connectivity For All 9 North American Markets

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    Complimentary White Paper

    The Shale Gas Revolution:
    What You Need to Know

    The global energy landscape is shifting... and it starts in North America

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Real-time intelligence for improved decision-making for commodity risk management.

Allegro is a multi-market commodity software solution provider, offering real-time intelligence and decision-making capabilities that improve the management of physical and financial positions, optimize assets and portfolios, and manage risk. Our commodity risk management software goes beyond common CTRM software offerings to deliver the position transparency, trader performance and compliance functionality you need to accelerate financial results. With Allegro, you gain access to a single system of record that enables flawless execution of value-creating, real-time decisions in the acquisition, storage, transportation, optimization and sale of any commodity class. From out of the ground to the point of consumption, only Allegro stands equipped to help you squeeze every drop of value out of your business.